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Stitched Edging is back in stock on Standard Playmats

A valuable upgrade has returned to Inked Gaming standard playmats, and we’re so happy to have it back. If you’re a frequent shopper/browser of our playmats, you may have noticed that the standard size mats did not have stitched edging available as an upgrade for the last few weeks because of an inventory issue. For a while, you could find the stitched edging upgrade on other Inked Gaming mats and pads, but not for the standard size mats that made us who we are today. Last week, we got some good news that we just had to share with everyone.


Yes, stitched edging is once again available for our standard playmats, which is good news for us…and even better for you. Why? Well, having the option to make your mat even more durable and less susceptible to fray and other forms of wear and tear is something all tabletop gamers should take advantage of. Mind you, our playmats are pretty solid and sturdy just the way they are, but if you really want it to last, having stitched edging around the corners can be invaluable to its longevity. We know from personal experience.

Playmat Stitched Edging

Playmat Stitched Edging

Playmat Stitched Edging


Again, a lot of time, quality, and care goes into the creation of our mats. Each one is specially made with top-grade materials that can promote a smoother, softer, and more protective surface for your cards. As you know, Inked Gaming is a company built by gamers for gamers. We stand by that motto and would never make or ship anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. This is especially true for our playmats, which we take such great pride in. With that in mind, we also realize that even the best pieces can use a little boost when it comes to durability. And that’s why we’re happy to have stitched edging as an optional upgrade for our standard mats again.


By choosing to upgrade your mat with stitched edging, you’re choosing to enhance its durability, reliability, and longevity. The upgrade itself costs just $5.00 extra and is so well worth it in the long run!



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