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Sonic is getting his own card game in 2021

Sonic the Hedgehog has been a big part of my video game life ever since I first played Sonic Adventure 2 on my Dreamcast console back when I was a youngin. Even after 20 years, Sonic continues to hold a special place in my heart, and I know that I’m not the only one. I was excited about the movie, but now that there’s news of a card game coming later this year, I think I’m even more excited. The prospect of having a tabletop/card game version of one of Sonic is absolutely exhilarating to me! 

Nothing can replace the video games, but I think it was about time fans and gamers had a different way to play with their favorite hedgehog! And, thankfully, Steamforged Games is giving us exactly that! 

Much like my other game reveal posts, this one will highlight all of the info that we know about the game right now and be left open-ended for any thoughts/expectations you may have. With that said, let’s go fast!

Sonic Card Game

Sonic: The Card Game is meant for 2-6 players and will challenge those players to race through a series of new levels each time they play. Similar to the video games, the card game is all about the rings/tokens. I guess it wouldn’t be a real Sonic game without those rings. Players must collect those rings, along with bonus cards, and avoid taking damage from enemies if they wish to be victorious. The player to gather the most rings/tokens and have the most lives left wins the game!

I like the fact this game offers you choices and features a risk/reward type of gameplay that keeps players on their toes. Here’s what I mean by that: Every time a new card is placed, players are faced with a choice to either continue running/racing to obtain more rings or stop to collect the rings and bonus cards that they have already gathered. Playing it safe and stopping may sound like the smart move at first, especially if you’ve piled up a nice amount of tokens and bonus cards, but it’s worth the risk to continue on racing if you want to win more.

Those who choose to live dangerously and keep on running will be met with enemies and possibly lose more lives. However, if you play your cards right, so to speak, you can score more tokens and bonuses and solidify your victory, hence the risk/reward aspect of the game! 

It’s also been revealed that players can pick and choose from a list of playable characters that should look familiar. Those characters include Sonic, Knuckles (my favorite), Amy, Blaze, Shadow, and Tails. I’m actually fist-pumping while I’m writing this now. Let’s see how well I can type with just one hand on the keyboard!

Here’s what Steamforged Games has to say about their next big game:

"Sonic: The Card Game is fast family fun you'll race through again and again. Here at Steamforged, most of us have been chasing rings with the blue hedgehog since we first played the original Megadrive game. Now, we're thrilled to be working with Sega and can't wait to bring the game into the hands of Sonic fans of all ages."

Sonic: The Card Game is scheduled to be released sometime in September 2021. I know it’s probably a little too early to get so hyped up, but based on the info that we’ve been given about the game so far, I’m ready to lace up and start sprinting myself until then. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts and expectations in the comments below. And if you come across any new updates, be sure to leave those for me in the comments as well. Thanks!

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