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Sign up for your Supply Drop Subscription Box today!

Our new Supply Drop Subscription Box is live and waiting to be sent out to our fellow gamers in need of some fresh gear. All you have to do is send up a flair or pop some smoke (figuratively, of course), and let us know your coordinates so that we can start sending out your supply drop ASAP!

If you were on our blog page back in April, you may remember seeing a post that teased this Subscription Box. Here we are in June, and we’re finally ready to reveal its coolest qualities and contents. 

The Supply Drop Subscription Box is Inked Gaming’s very own subscription service, which offers gamers/subscribers the opportunity to score a fun bundle of gaming goods every month. That’s right, those who sign up will receive their Supply Drop on a monthly basis and will have the option to have it sent to their home address. 

We’ll also eventually give our fellow Oregonians the option to retrieve their supply drops from our Kraken Cards storefront in downtown Corvallis, Oregon. We’ll let you know when that option is available.

So, what’s in the Supply Drop Subscription Box? Good question. The truth is, it varies depending on the info that gamers give when they first sign up and which version they select. During the signup process, you will be asked to provide some details for us to go off of, such as your favorite color and games. This allows us to match the supplies inside to your personality, preference, and play style as best we can.

Once we know what to put in your Supply Drop Box, it’s time for you to choose the variant you want. Those variants are the Essentials Box and the Elite Box. The Essentials Box is available for $30 and contains a nice assortment of mystery items, which will remain a mystery until they land at their drop points, so to speak. The Elite Box, on the other hand, costs $60, but includes more mystery goods than the Essentials Box.

Since both boxes are loaded with “mystery” items, we can’t give the exact specifics of each item that you’ll find inside, but we can tell you that both boxes will contain at least $30 or $60 worth of goods, depending on the variant you selected. With that in mind, we also would like to point out the fact that the value of the goods sent in your Supply Drop Box could rise even higher over time. 

Yes, just like a 1st edition card or a vintage, unopened Nintendo game, your subscription can appreciate with age, and therefore contain goods of even greater value. The longer you stay subscribed, the more valuable your Supply Drop Subscription Box might become. 

Is this starting to sound like your kind of subscription? If so, we encourage you to become a subscriber today! Signing up is a super simple process that shouldn’t take you long to complete. And if you ever wish to cancel, skip, or tweak your Supply Drop, we’ve made that process simple as well. 

So, now that you know the ins and outs of our Supply Drop Subscription Box, it’s time for you to take the next step. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll begin putting your box together and add your location to our map. From there, you can look forward to having your stockpile replenished with premium goods every month!

We hope to see your name on our list!


Team Inked


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