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Schedule Time With Us At TwitchCon 2019

Inked Gaming At TwitchCon 2019

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week so far. Just remember, the weekend is approaching closer and closer the longer you spend reading this. On that note, the weekend is not the only exciting event approaching fast. TwitchCon is finally just a week away and everyone here is beyond excited!

If you haven’t heard yet, Inked Gaming is going to be at TwitchCon this year. We’ll be rocking our own booth, #1366, for the entire event and we’re really looking forward to seeing a lot of you lovely people while there. If you’re going to TwitchCon too, please feel free to stop by our booth to say ‘Hi.’ You can swing by anytime the booth is open and we’ll always be stoked to see you. But, if you want to come and hang out for a little longer and get some one-on-one time with our Affiliate Program Manager, Mitch, to talk about potentially joining our Affiliate Program or Artist Program, we are also scheduling some personal appointment times for while we’re at TwitchCon that you might be interested in. Or, if you’re currently in one of our programs and want to come to talk to Mitch about your work with us, your plans for the future, any questions you’ve been meaning to ask, etc., we’d be happy to schedule you an appointment as well! Really, we just want to get some appointments scheduled for Mitch so that he doesn’t sneak off and hang out in the tabletop area the whole weekend ;).

In all seriousness, we’re just super excited to be going this year and we wanted to reach out to see if we can spend some time with some of you. If you’re interested in scheduling one of these one-on-one appointments, you can send Mitch an email directly at and he’ll get you set-up with one of our remaining time slots.

If you’re not going to TwitchCon or if you don’t have time to stop by for a visit, no problem. I’m sure we’ll go to other events in the future where there will be even more opportunities for us to meet some of you lovely folks.

Stay awesome!

Sarah Berge 

Marketing Manager and Hype Machine at Inked Gaming

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