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Ridiculous Playmat Uses

So you bought a playmat... now what? 

Sure, you probably bought it to play your favorite board or trading card game...but that can’t possibly be it’s only use, can it? 😉

We wanted to make sure you get full use out of your new awesome playmat as often as you can, so we gathered the Inked Gaming Team together and we thought up some additional uses for your playmat:

1) A tablecloth! Depending on the size of your playmat, it could be a great way to keep your table covered and looking good. The rubber bottom gives the mat great traction, so you don’t have to worry about the mat slipping like you might with a standard tablecloth.

Playmat Tablecloth

2) A mock-foam sword! These mats roll up nicely and turn into a fun mock-foam sword. The rubber backing gives your new toy just the right amount of rigidity to make you feel like you can lead a kingdom (or at least bop your friend on the head).

3) A mat for under your pet’s food and/or water dishes! I’m sure Spot and Fluffy would appreciate looking at the awesome design on your playmat when they’re visiting their water or food. They deserve some art in their lives, too, don’t they?

Playmat Pet Food Art

4) A knee saver! If you do a lot of house or yard work, your new playmat can be easily rolled up and placed under your knees to keep them comfortable while you do what needs to be done. It’s comfy and easy to move with you wherever you’re working.

5) A fender protector! The flexibility and non-slip features of these mats make them perfect for protecting your fender while you’re doing some work on your car. Just drape it over the fender for beautiful protection from scratches.

Playmat Fender Protector

6) A blanket! This is another one where it might be easier to do if you have one of the larger sized mats. But, they actually do make a great blanket. The thick material keeps your body heat trapped in so that you stay nice and toasty. Plus, the smooth cloth is very soft and comfortable.

7) A hat! You can drape your mat over your head and wear it around as a fun hat. It may not be the most comfortable hat you’ve ever worn, but it will certainly get you some attention wherever you go.

8) Finally, a defective flying carpet! Do you need to sweep someone off their feet to show them a whole new world of magic? Just plop your new playmat on the ground with confidence, jump on, and say the magic words. When you don’t take off in flight, start muttering at the mat and ‘inspecting’ the corners like you’re trying to fix a defect. This is sure to impress whoever you’re with and it is always a good conversation starter at the very least.

In all seriousness, we don’t recommend you try most of these unless you don’t care about possibly ruining your mat. We are just really glad you chose us to help you express yourself while you’re playing your favorite games and hope that you’re having fun with it (however you’re using it). If you have any questions or concerns about your mat, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Stay awesome! 👍

The Inked Gaming Team

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