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Budget Breakdown of Popular Sports Card Breaking Sites!

If you tuned in to our last blog on sports card breaking, we took a dive into our experiences with some intro breaks and a run-down of how it works. Check that out here for a little background information.

This time, we’re going to visit some of the most popular breaking sites and channels online, and give a small overview of what kind of breaking audience you would expect when joining one of their breaks! One $ means that you'll be able to find breaks at lower price points, and five $'s mean that we highly recommend you do some research before joining any of these unless you want to spend big bucks!

Budget breakdown:

$ - Cheapest/most affordable breaks




$$$$$ - Most expensive/high end breaks



Wolfes Card Breaks

Budget breakdown: $$(2) out of $$$$$(5) -Affordable

Wolfe’s breaks have been a favorite of mine so far. One of the biggest reasons is that Wolfe continues to balance the extremely expensive breaks with some of the most accessible breaks in the market. Wolfe’s Card Breaks knows how to play the long game and build a community, and it shows. 


Budget breakdown: $$$(3) out of $$$$$(5) -Mid level

Mojobreaks is one of the larger breaking sites that still has some accessible breaks for newer people in the industry. That said, there have been some weeks where I stopped by their site and saw no breaks available for under 100 dollars. 

Layton Sports Cards

Budget breakdown: $$$$$(5) out of $$$$$(5) -Spendy!

One of the creme de la creme’s of breaking sites. For example, they currently have on their front page a 60 box break available for a smooth four thousand dollars per slot! Insane. That said, you can still find some break slots on their website for 10-20 dollars if you look hard enough (usually something like Topps Baseball).

Platinum Card Breaks

Budget breakdown: $$$(3) out of $$$$$(5) -Spendy but accessible

Platinum Card Breaks are very similar to Mojobreak, as they deal in mid to high level breaks a good majority of the time. That said, there are plenty of lower level affordable breaks to get into, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Steel City Collectibles

Budget breakdown: $$$$(4) out of $$$$$(5) -Spendy!

Many of the breaks are in the 100/slot range, making Steel City one of the higher end breaking sites. That said, they are one of the most respected breaking rooms in the industry and highly recommended if you’re looking for some high level breaks.

Major League Cardz

Budget breakdown: $$(2) out of $$$$$(5) -Affordable

Another very affordable breaking site. Major League Cardz keeps a nice pace, has some great value mixer breaks(different boxes from different sets all done in one break), and they aggressively “filler” breaks to keep them moving efficiently and effectively.

Buck City Breaks

Budget breakdown: $(1) out of $$$$$(5) -Affordable

Another site that tailors to smaller budgets. Buck City balances utilizing their website as well as Ebay to fill breaks. Currently, I’m looking at their site and see a break starting from 30 dollars, and three breaks at 20 dollars. Very affordable if you’re looking to dip your toes into the community to see what it’s all about!

This listicle is just the tip of the iceberg of great breaking sites! What’s your favorite online breaking site/channel? Let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure that they’re covered in the next breaking article! 

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