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Product Highlight: Weyrworld Tapestries

If you’ve been ‘hanging’ around our site, you may have come across some artwork seen on bestselling book covers. Specifically, books that are written by authors who have given us some of the most memorable characters and creatures ever created. But, every author needs an artist to help bring those characters to life...visually. That’s where an award-winning artist like Michael Whelan comes in. Whelan is a living legend and Grand Master artist who has earned well-deserved accolades in the Sci-Fi world. And that’s why we’re so proud to have him as part of the Inked Gaming artist community.

Whelan’s work is featured on almost every piece of gear you can think of. But one piece of gear that we’re most happy to have his work printed on is our tapestry. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, our tapestries are designed to spruce up any space, both inside and out. Some use it to add depth to their workspace, while others use it as a backdrop for live streams and gaming. Then there are those who hang it up just to appreciate the artwork. 

So, if you’re a fan/avid reader of Anne McCaffrey’s All the Weyrs of Pern, you’re going to love the tapestries that we currently have in our collection. We currently have two different tapestries available that are based on McCaffrey’s novel, both of which come straight from Michael Whelan himself. 

Check out these Weyrworld Tapestry designs:





Now, you probably noticed that these are two different tapestries, but both are made with premium materials that allow you to hang them almost anywhere. Heck, there are some who have even chosen to use them as throw covers, table cloths, and capes. We don’t judge. As long as you find a suitable place for them to be admired.

You can get to these tapestries by clicking on their titles. But, if you want to see ALL of our tapestry designs, you can click HERE. You can see more of Michael Whelan’s tapestry design HERE. We think you’ll be intrigued by what you find!


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