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Product Highlight: Ultimate Guard Deck Case Omnihive Exclusive 1000+

It’s been a minute since our last Product Highlight post, and since we recently got in some new supplies, we thought now would be a good time to give you another. This time, we’re talking about the new Omnihive 1000+ Exclusive Deck Case from Ultimate Guard. In fact, we featured this particular item in our weekly New Accessories blog that went out over the weekend.

After just simply listing this item (and others) in that blog, we were inspired to give it a short highlight blog of its very own. Once you’ve seen and heard more about this exclusive deck case, you’ll understand why.

We’ll give you the full visual of it first, and then we’ll get down to the details of what makes it such a great option for gamers looking to protect their precious pieces with the best...and nothing less.

Ultimate Guard Deck Case Omnihive Exclusive 1000+
Ultimate Guard Deck Case Omnihive Exclusive 1000+
Ultimate Guard Deck Case Omnihive Exclusive 1000+

If there was ever a deck box spacious and flexible enough for storing/securing large collections of gaming goods, the Omnihive 1000+ is one of them. Think of this: The Omnihive is capable of holding 1000 double-sleeved cards and can store multiple decks at a time. Aside from its ability to hold entire stockpiles of cards/decks, the Omnihive can also be used to store playmats and even additional Ultimate Guard protective gear.

What kind of protective gear? Well, the 2022 133+ version of their Sidewinder Deck Case is one example. That’s correct, in addition to the cards, decks, and playmat that can be stored in here, you can also use it for storing your smaller Sidewinder Deck Cases, which we also carry on our site. Inside, you’ll also find two removable, magnetic, adjustable, and stackable trays that can be used however you see fit.

Overall, Ultimate Guard has made their Omnihive 1000+ the ‘ultimate’ in premium protection and storage for gamers of all kinds, which is why we made it a point to add to our collection of goods in 2022.  If this is the kind of protection you can use for your decks move forward, go ahead and take the next step by adding the Omnihive 1000+ to your cart today.

We hoped you enjoyed learning more about this awesome deck case and that you’ll join us again for another product highlight feature!


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