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Post Malone’s MTG spending spree

This story came out just recently and I thought it would be a fun one for you to hear about...if you haven’t already! Apparently, rapper Post Malone put some major dollars down on MTG cards in California. It’s no secret that Posty (Post Malone) is one of many artists/celebs who enjoys a little TCG and CCG action every now and then. In fact, he was one of the featured performers for Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary celebration, next to other popular musicians like Katy Perry. 

It seems that there are more celebrities who enjoy our kind of gaming than we may think. In fact, I’m planning on putting together a few more listicles that highlight some of the most popular celebs who actively play games like MTG and Pokémon. I guess Posty will be a headliner on both of those lists.

Here’s a little more detail on what went down at Frank & Son’s last week:

Posty has been looking to add some valuable treasures to his MTG collection for quite some time now, and on April 28th, he did just that at the Frank & Son Collectible Show. Frank & Son has been in business for 20 years and in that time has become one of the most popular weekly collectible shows in California, and in the country for that matter. So, if celebs like Post Malone feel like spending some serious cash on collectible gaming goods, this is the place to do it. 

The exact amount is not known...yet, according to numerous stories and reports, Posty put down well over a thousand dollars on MTG cards, which has kicked up quite a stir in the tabloid, MTG, and CCG world. Given his popularity, it comes as no surprise when onlookers started to pile in and swarm the shop just to get a glimpse of the star. I think I would have too.

Now, this recent news has also prompted further speculation on the recent (or recent-ish) of another rare MTG card, which we covered in a previous post. I’m referring to the rare Alpha Black Lotus gem that sold for over $500k earlier this year. Again, this is just speculation at this point, but since we never knew (and still don’t know) the identity of the buyer, it isn’t really too much of a stretch to assume that Post Malone is in possession of that card.

So, what do you think? Is Post Malone the mystery bidder/buyer of the Black Lotus? Shall I go forth with my plan to highlight the other celebs who share Posty’s and our passion for MTG and other CCGs and TCGs? Let me know your thoughts on all of these points in the comments section below.

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