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An Alpha Black Lotus MTG card sold for half a million dollars at auction

So far, we’ve covered the recent sales of sports cards, a Pokémon card and now we can add an MTG card to that list as well! Back in early February, an ultra-rare MTG was sold during an auction that took place on eBay. The card was a gem mint 10 Alpha Black Lotus, and the final price was $511,000, which is a new record that tops all the other Black Lotus cards sold in the past. In fact, according to numerous sources, it’s the first single Magic CCG card to sell for over $500K on the auction block.


So, what makes this Black Lotus so special? In this post, we’ll go over the details of the sale along with some background on the card and why it’s so valuable among MTG fans and card collectors alike. 

For starters, the Alpha Black Lotus is considered one of the rarest MTG cards out there, and if any card was going to bring in such a staggering figure, it was going to be this one. This particular card goes all the way back to 1993 when MTG first came on the scene. The Alpha series was the first MTG card set ever released, which makes the cards in that set extremely rare and valuable today. However, the most powerful and valuable card in that set is the Black Lotus.

Many collectors have sought out the Black Lotus over the years, and since it has been banned from MTG play for quite some time, the card’s rarity has skyrocketed. It’s believed that there were only about a thousand or so ever printed. So, it’s anyone’s guess on how many are still out there. 27 years is a long time. Now, in addition to its flawless condition (rated at gem mint 10), this particular Black Lotus card has another distinct feature that sets it apart from all the others.

You may notice that the card comes enveloped in a protective case. And on that case is the signature of the late Magic artist Christopher Rush. Rush is the artist who brought this card and its design to life when he painted it prior to its release back in 1993. Unfortunately, Rush passed away in 2016, but his legacy lived on and continues to live on to this day. As you can probably imagine, this rare feature helped to raise the price significantly. 


Well, now you have the full 411 on the $511K sale of this card. Be sure to leave me your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Also, if you happen to be the owner of an Alpha Black Lotus card, please leave me your address along with a schedule of when you’re out of the house. JUST KIDDING. Seriously, if you or someone you know has this card buried somewhere, you should consider looking for it ASAP, or the next time you plan on doing a spring cleaning. 

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