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Pokémon's Season of Mischief

We’ve mentioned that a lot of cool stuff was going down in the Pokémon world this year, as 2021 marks the 5th Anniversary of Pokémon GO and the 25th Anniversary of the TCG as a whole. Pokémon GO is keeping the fun going with their new Season of Mischief event that is set to take us through the rest of 2021. 

Season of Mischief officially began on September 1st and will continue until December 1st. Throughout the season, Trainers will be tasked with completing a portion of the Special Research story. As trainers are given access to a certain portion of the story, they will be given the opportunity to unlock new Pokémon and other bonuses. 

These Pokémon and bonuses can be unlocked by completing various Research tasks, hence the Special Research story. Every research event task completed leads you that much closer to completing the story, which will last over the next couple of months. As we mentioned, the Season of Mischief has been active since September 1st, and as of September 8th, two Special Research events have been released to trainers. Those updates are titled:

  • Hoopa’s Arrival - 9/5
  • Psychic Spectacular - 9/8

  • You can learn more about those research events by clicking the links. According to Pokémon, the next Research event is scheduled to come out on September 21st, at which time Trainers will be given access to more Pokémon and bonuses via research. So, there’s a lot to look forward to between now and late November.

    Pokémon GO has dedicated an entire blog page to the Season of Mischief. That page is consistently updated with the latest event info and details as they are released. Some of you may have seen it already or even added it to your favorites. If not, we thought you would be interested in reading all about the Season of Mischief and what you can expect from it moving forward. That’s why we’re going to link this blog to that one. You can access that blog by clicking here.

    Once you’ve finished reading their blog, we would like for you to come back to this page and leave your thoughts in the comments section. Let us know if you’ve already completed the first two portions of the Special Research Story and whether you’ll continue to do so as each event is made available. We always like hearing from you because we value your opinion most of all!


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