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Pokémon's last expansion of 2021 is set to release in November

It’s been quite an eventful year for Pokémon. With their 25th Anniversary celebration and continued success among fans and dedicated trainers, 2021 will definitely be one for the books. Even with this milestone year coming to a close, there’s still one more expansion that fans have to look forward to. Specifically, the one that’s set to release in the Fall.

It was recently announced that Pokémon's Fusion Strike expansion will be released this November. Since November is the second to last month of the year, it’s fair to assume that this will be the last expansion to close out 2021. Now, we’ve just entered September, which means November is not so far off. That’s why I thought it would be best to discuss what we know about Fusion Strike so far. If time permits, we’ll circle back around and more as we draw closer to the official release date.

In this blog, we’ll go over some details that have been divulged so far. As always, I’ll leave it open for you to share your thoughts after.

Fusion Strike

As expected, Fusion Strike will be packed with a host of cards, including 20 Pokémon V cards, 20 Trainer cards, 13 art Pokémon V cards, and 8 Pokémon VMAX cards. There will even be a Special Energy Card thrown in the mix as well. Overall, it’s been reported that we can expect over 260 cards to collect in this set. Some of the V and VMAX Pokémon cards you can look forward to are Hoopa, Inteleon, Mew, Genesect, Rillaboom, and many others. I’ve also heard that the set will contain unreleased cards from previous expansions.

Even with all of those cards, Pokémon still has more surprises up their sleeve. This surprise comes in the form of a new item that they are calling a Build & Battle Stadium Box. This box is meant to be a great starting point for new trainers and a great tool for seasoned trainers. It will include two battle boxes, four booster packs, over 100 Energy cards, and other essential gear that will come in handy during your two-player games. I think that’s going to be really cool!

Now, the official release date for Fusion Strike is November 12th. However, Pokémon intends to get things going a little sooner than that, with a special pre-release event that will start days or maybe weeks in advance. On that note, the Japanese Fusion Arts set will be coming out in late September as well. I just thought I would add that in while we were on the subject of release dates. 

All things considered, the Fusion Strike set is primed to be a great grand finale to what’s been a memorable year for the popular TCG. If you wish to know more or keep yourself informed on what’s going on with the Fusion Strike set, feel free to visit Pokémon's official Fusion Strike page. I’ll be a frequent visitor to that page myself over the next few months.

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