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Pokémon's 25th Anniversary is coming up

February 2021 is finally here, and that means we are quickly approaching a milestone that has everyone, from every walk of life, cheering and gearing up! February 27, 2021, marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Pokémon! Yep, you’re that old (or that much older) if you were around in February of 1996. With this news, there’s a lot going on, as you can probably imagine, and Pokémon is planning on making this celebration a blast that will be remembered for quite a long time. But the fun doesn’t just begin or end on one day, no, no, no. Instead, Pokémon is making this a year-long celebration that will last all the way until the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2022!

So, what do we know so far? Well, as of right now, there’s a great deal of planning and prep going on behind the scenes. Some things have been confirmed, some things have already been released and some things will remain secret as we work our way through 2021. For example, if you watched the Macy’s Day Parade this past Thanksgiving, you may have noticed a new logo was revealed during the Pokémon/Pikachu presentation. I know that most of you have probably seen this already, but for those who may have been living under a rock for the past few months (like me) here’s what it looks like.

Image from Video Games Chronicle

Pretty cool, right? So, they’ve got a new logo and according to several confirmed sources, they’ve got some new merch coming our way as well. Throughout the year, we’ll start to see new Anniversary edition gear come out in dribs and drabs. Be on the lookout for new Jumbo Cards, binders, special reprints, plushies, figures, apparel, skateboards and much, much more as the year progresses. I’m expecting maybe a game or two to be added to this list as well, but nothing has been confirmed yet on that front. All we can do for now is keep our eyes crossed and our fingers open. Strike that, reverse it!

Remember, this is history in the making and I expect a lot of this new gear to fall into the limited edition category, so if you have the chance, I would strongly recommend that you get your hands on at least one thing from this 25th-anniversary celebration. Who knows, maybe 25 years from now you’ll be one of only a few who bothered to pick up a limited-edition skateboard or plushy and that very item may be as good as gold when the time comes. More power to you if you’re able to ‘catch’em all’. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over these past 25 years it’s that  Pokémon appreciates with age.

New reports and rumors are coming out each day that we get closer to the 27th, and so far we’ve been able to confirm only a few. However, there is one detail that we can in fact confirm and it’s probably one of the biggest of all. I’m talking about Pokémon’s collaboration with Universal Music Group, which involves some VERY popular music icons coming aboard to help Pokémon celebrate their 25th year in action. They’re calling it, P25 Music. 

All we know right now is that P25 Music will be introducing new songs from a plethora of talented musicians and artists. Some are known, some are newcomers on the brink of stardom and some are already icons on the highest level, according to Pokémon. We can’t confirm much, but for now, we can confirm that Katy Perry is already involved and will be helping to celebrate this historic event. Her exact role in the whole event has yet to be detailed, but I’m fairly certain that it’s going to be something amazing, as always! 


I’m probably going to come out with some updates between now and the 27th, so just be sure to check out our blog page every so often for more info. And if you wish to stay informed yourself and get even more details on what’s to be expected in the coming weeks and months, I would recommend going directly to the source, which in this case is

Also, if you’ve heard any other rumors about what we can expect from the celebration, be sure to leave them for me in the comments below. Thanks!

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