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Pokémon Unite is coming in July

As I’ve said in previous posts, 2021 is going to be a busy year for Pokémon! This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the adored TCG, and so far, we’ve seen a host of awesome gear and games released. It seems that the action will continue this month with the release of Pokémon's newest game, which is called: Pokémon UNITE.

Pokémon Unite has been a highly anticipated title since the day it was announced. And now, we’re only a month away from it being released on Nintendo Switch. It will be made available on mobile platforms as well, but we’ll talk about that a bit more later on. In this post, I’ll go over what we know about Unite and even leave you a link to the trailer that came out just a week ago. 

From what I saw, this game is going to be AWESOME, and based on what I’ve read, there are many out there who agree with my...assessment, so to speak. But, I’d like to know what you think, once you’ve read through this post and watched the trailer.

With that, let’s see what Unite has in store for us!

Pokémon Unite will be the first Pokémon game in the franchise to present players with strategic team battle gameplay. Yes, much like other games with the same layout, Unite will have a five-on-five style that gives players the chance to team up with other players and duke it out in high-flying, action-packed battles.

I’ll let the trailer and some in-game images do the talking, that way you can see just what kind of action we’re talking about. Feast your eyes on this:

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Pokémon Unite Trailer Image


And have a peek at these:

Pokémon Unite in-game image
Pokémon Unite in-game image
Pokémon Unite in-game image

 As you can see, Pokémon is going all out on this one! I don’t know about you, but that Machamp image is my favorite. In fact, according to numerous reports, Pokémon Unite allows you to customize your trainer and give your Pokémon a host of different looks and outfits. If you’ve read any of my past blogs, you know that I love games that let you dress up your characters and give them different looks to make them match your style. I know that it’s a small, sometimes irrelevant feature to many, but it’s a valuable one to me. That kind of detail lets me know that the developers wanted to give the player as much freedom as possible. 

So, where does Pokémon Unite take place? Good question. The game itself is set on the uncharted ocean island of Aeos. It’s here where players can form a five-player team and battle against other teams. The more victories you have, the more points you and your team accumulate. Energy is also a valuable commodity in this game, as it can be used to evolve Pokémon. This new energy is appropriately known as Aeos energy. 

Pokémon UNITE will be a FREE-to-play game available on Nintendo Switch. As I stated earlier, the game is set to release in July, but I’m not sure on what day. As of right now, all we know is this month, July 2021. Mobile players have something to look forward to as well, as the trailer points out that the game will be coming to mobile soon. Again, no exact dates to speak of, but we can confirm that it will come sometime in September and will be made available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

What’s really cool is that Pokémon UNITE will have cross-play compatibility, which means players on either platform can play with Nintendo Switch users. But again, that will only be happening once the game drops on mobile in September. Until then, we’ll just have to enjoy all the awesome features that Pokémon Unite has for us on Nintendo Switch, which shouldn’t be hard, considering what we’ve learned about the game. If you want more details on the game, you can go to Pokémon's official site, which is rich with valuable info. 

So, what do you think? Was I right about the AWESOME part in the beginning? Let me know your thoughts/expectations and whether you’ll be playing Pokémon UNITE on Nintendo in the comments below. Also, I think now is a good time to mention that we have some sweet new Pokémon gear on our site right now. So, be sure to check those out before you leave. Here’s the link to the collection page, just to make it easier for you!

Until we meet again,

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