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Pokémon Sword and Shield's upcoming expansion

This latest expansion is actually set to be released in Japan, but I thought you would be interested in hearing about it anyway. After all, if it’s got to do with Pokémon, I have to write about it, especially when it involves a new expansion. The title of this expansion is Eevee Heroes!

In this post, I’ll briefly cover the details that have been revealed so far about this Eevee Heroes, and then afterward, you can leave me your thoughts on it. Nothing too different from what we’ve been doing for a while now.

As I mentioned, Eevee Heroes will be released in Japan, which means it will be a Japanese-language expansion. No surprise there. It’s not certain exactly when an English version of this expansion will be released, but with so many things going on in the Pokémon world this summer/year, I don’t think we’ll be in too much of a rush. Of course, I’m talking about the Chilling Reign expansion coming in June, coupled with the 25th Anniversary set that is scheduled for later on this year. 

Pokémon has given us some good info on the Eevee Heroes expansion, info that I think will make us look forward to its US/English-language release even more. For starters, we know that it will focus on the Eevee Pokémon (and its evolutions) and will contain a host of cards. The exact number of cards is still up in the air, but I’m hearing the number 69 a lot. Of those 69 or so cards, a few have already been revealed to us. Those cards include:

  1. V Leafeon
  2. V Flareon
  3. V Vaporeon
  4. V Glaceon
  5. V Jolteon
  6. V Espeon
  7. V Sylveon
  8. V Umbreon

Those are just to name a few. I’ve also heard that this set will contain Puzzle cards, Alternate Arts, the Rapid Strike/Single Strike mechanic, a secret rare, and more. Plus, there are whispers of a special Eevoltutions Set that will contain even more treasures. By treasures, I mean deck boxes, sleeves, and even a promo pack.

The official release date for Eevee Heroes is set for May 28th, which is literally right around the corner. While I realize that this is only available in Japan, I still think that it’s a great glimpse into the future and what’s to come after some of the more pressing expansions have passed us by. As I said at the beginning, and in every post that I write up, I’d like to get your thoughts/opinions on this set and whether you’ve obtained some other valuable info on it during your travels online. I have a feeling that we’ll be referring or linking back to this blog in six or seven months...if we’re lucky. We’ll see what happens.

Until we meet again,

Vince The Prince

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