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Our Top 3 Favorite XL Extended Mousepad Designs

When you have such a vast collection of amazing artwork in your collection, it’s important to know which designs are most favored and adored in your community. Based on the responses and reactions we get to certain pieces, it’s easy for us to determine our customers' favorite art, especially those that are printed on our mousepads.

This week, we wanted to change things up just a little and see what our in-house team behind the scenes had to say. So, we asked our staff to pick their favorite designs from our XL Extended mousepad collection. We narrowed those picks down to 3 and thought it would be cool to show them off in one of this week’s posts. 

Let’s see what they picked!

Tiger Tangle

Tiger Tangle

Design by TigaTiga

Fungal Shadows

 Fungal Shadows

Design by Split Arrow Art

March of the Exiled

 March of the Exiled

Design by Andy Kehoe

The staff has spoken, and they’ve chosen some sweet-looking art that has the power to spice up any setup. March of the Exiled is actually a new piece that comes from one of the latest artists to join the Inked Gaming artist community, Andy Kehoe. So, we’re glad to see that Andy’s work is already getting attention from both our customers and our in-house team. 

Again, each of these designs is currently featured on our XL Extended mousepads. Speaking of which, in case you didn’t hear, we recently welcomed our stitched XL 36” x 18” Extended mousepads back to our collection after a brief hiatus. Stitched edging is a great addition to any mousepad because it helps to combat fraying and can give your pad a more sturdy look and feel. Now that they’re back, we want everyone to take full advantage of them, while they still can!

Feel free to let us know what you think of our staff’s picks in the comments below. And as long you’re here, you should swing by our XL Extended mousepad collection and check out what’s new!

Happy Gaming!

Team Inked


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