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Our top 3 favorite playmat designs!

As we’ve said since the beginning, we love every piece of art that comes our way, and the creative minds behind them! Each new art that comes to our collection holds a special place in our heart, but with so many awesome designs to admire, it’s hard not to pick out a few favorites. So, we asked our team to pick out some playmats that always make them look twice!

After collecting a handful of stunning designs, we were able to narrow the favorites down to three, each of which has become quite popular among our staff and customers. Let’s just say we weren’t too surprised with the results. 

Check out the three favorite playmats that our staff picked!

Shot for Shot

Shot for Shot

Design by David Lozeau

Ornamental Lotus

Ornamental Lotus

Design by Ben Jackson


Gaea In Bloom

Gaea In Bloom

Design by Thingamajigs

David Lozeau, Ben Jackson, and Thingamajigs have worked their way to the top of the Inked Gaming art mountain. If you look at some of the awesome designs that they’ve delivered so far, you’ll see that that’s just where they belong. Another place they belong is on our goods, especially our playmats. 

So, what do you think? Do you agree with our team’s top three picks? If so, let us know which one is your favorite and if you already have one in your collection!

Happy Gaming!

Team Inked


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