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Our Memorial Day Weekend Mousepad Drop Has Commenced

It’s May 28th, and you know what that means! Today is the day that we (and you) PRESS START on our Memorial Day Weekend Mousepad Drop! We’ve been gearing up for today for weeks. You might have seen a few emails and updates fly your way recently. If not, here’s the score: Starting today, at 10 am PST,  ALL of our customers have access to our limited edition OG Extended Mousepad (36” x 11”) for one last weekend. 

This mousepad comes without stitched edging and has both in-store art and custom design options available. Aside from that, they are smooth, sturdy, and sizable enough to level up your PC gaming experience overall.. As we mentioned earlier, the OG Extended Mousepad is very limited, and will only be available for purchase until we run out or reach the end of the Memorial Day weekend, which is 11:59 pm PST on May 31st. Whichever comes first! After that, it’s GAME OVER! Once they’re gone, they’ll stay gone for good, so just keep that in mind.

Again, the Mousepad Drop is for ALL of our customers. Our Consortium members, on the other hand, have the chance to score some major points, in addition to one of the OG Extended Mousepads. Members of our Consortium loyalty program have been granted special, exclusive access to a number of perks/rewards over this Memorial Day weekend. These perks were officially unlocked today at 10 am PST and will also be available until a minute before midnight on Monday, May 31st.

Here’s a little breakdown of just what kind of perks/rewards we’re talking about:

  • 2x Sand Dollar points on any orders placed over the weekend
  • Free stitched edging on the custom Playmat for 300 sand dollar points
  • Free stitched edging on custom XL Extended Mousepad for 300 sand dollar points
  • $10 off orders over $60 for 1500 points
  • 15% off your entire order for 1000 sand dollar points
  • 20% off of the standard playmats for 1000 points

Consortium members can also earn discounts that will come in handy when/if they shop in our Kraken storefront. Those discounts are:

  • 10% OFF discount on the cards we have in the cases (in-store only)
  • 50% OFF all our boxed singles in "The Treasure Chest" (in-store only)

So, if you’re a member or a regular customer, this is the weekend to up your score and reach the next level of your gaming adventure. With points, products, and perks like these in your pocket, you’ll find out what it’s like to be the coolest kid in the arcade, so to speak. Whether or not you choose to take advantage of them is entirely up to you! 

As you’ve been reading this the clock has been ticking. Every minute brings us closer to the end of the game, which once again, ends on May 31st at midnight. We want you to have enough time to gather as much as you can while you can, and we don’t want you to miss out on anything that may be gone for good at a moment’s notice. So, we’ll end this transmission and let you PRESS START on your mission now!

Good luck, Player 1


Team Inked

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