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Online MagicFest Qualifier Week One: Best Performing Decklists

Online MagicFest Qualifier Week One: Best Performing Decklists

Many of us are sitting at home wondering if we should jump into one of these Online MagicFests. Well, each event costs 25 USD and they are firing multiple events per day. To check out more information on this, visit Channelfireball's landing page for these events here!

Decks are sorted by: Deck Archetype, Number of 5-1/6-0 finishes, and deck description. Let's dive in!

Bant Ramp - 26 finishes - This deck uses the power of "ramp" spells to deploy threats like Nissa, Who Shakes the World and Hydroid Krasis and then finishes games with Dream Trawlers, Uro's and other goodies.

Jeskai Fires - 22 finishes - This deck is named after the card, Fires of Invention, and for good reason. The deck wants to "curve" into a turn four fires into a turn five "double spell" of powerful haste units to close the game quickly and efficiently.

Monored Aggro - 16 finishes - Monored combines the best red one drops, two drops, and three drops with the power of Torbran and Embercleave to decimate their opponents. Monored is known to have extremely powerful turns, sometimes killing their opponent from life totals of ten, or higher.

Rakdos Sacrifice - 15 finishes - Rakdos Sacrifice is the deck I would say has been the best deck "on the rise" the last few weeks. It received a couple powerful new toys, including Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger, Tymaret Calls the Dead, and Woe Strider. It continues the long tradition of Cauldron Familiar/Witch's Oven shenanigans. Amazingly fun deck that requires a lot of practice.

Temur Reclamation - 14 finishes - Temur Rec is an extremely interesting deck that uses the card Wilderness Reclamation and instant speed spells to abuse mana to harness powerful abilities, like Expansion//Explosion. Many times, this deck "fireball's" their opponent for 20 or more for the kill. 

Sultai Ramp - 13 finishes - Sultai is a bit of a newcomer to the metagame, preying on decks that are weak to Casualties of War, like Bant Ramp, Jeskai Fires, and Temur Rec. A great metagame call recently, that will most likely hit some more top finishes into week two of the qualifiers and beyond.  

Temur Adventures - 8 finishes - One of the more fun decks currently in standard! This deck uses the power of Lucky Clover and Edgewall Innkeeper to abuse the powerful adventure mechanic. One of the allures of the deck is that many of the games look completely different and there are so many different choices to take advantage of. 

This ends the heavy players in the metagame. Here are some rising stars of the metagame, as well as some fun "brews" to take a look at. Decks to take notice of: Simic Flash and Azorius Blink. Both decks are performing very well!

Simic Flash 6

Azorius Blink 5

Temur Flash 4 

Azorius Control 2

Monogreen Stompy 2

Simic Ramp 2

4c Superfriends 1

Gruul Aggro 1

Rakdos Discard 1

Simic Adventures 1

Sultai Command 1

Jund Food 1

Esper Hero 1

Bant Blink 1

Thanks to Robert Taylor for this information. Find him on Twitter at:

If you have updated links for the missing decklists, please send them to

This metagame information was collected from all of the qualifiers on Monday and Tuesday plus three more qualifiers over the course of Wednesday and Thursday of the week of March 23rd - March 27th. This does not provide an in-depth reflection of the metagame as a whole, but has enough information to show what decks are trending up, and what decks you may want to prepare for during the upcoming MagicFest Online Qualifiers.

Which deck are you liking right now? If I were to play in a qualifier, I think I would “digitally sleeve up” my trusty Jeskai Fires deck! 

See you on ladder,

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