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No Gift for Mother's Day? We Got You.


     Mother’s Day is fast approaching and based on our handy-dandy customer consumer statistics, you’re probably in your college dorm going, “Oh yeah! I guess that IS coming up soon.” 

    In previous years, you would have logged into Facebook the morning of Mother’s Day, realized you had missed it, proceeded to dial up your wonderful mother’s phone number and smoothly tell her that you love her all while playing off that you had entirely forgotten this important date. 

    You would say something along the lines of, “Money is kind of tight, I’m sorry mom, I didn’t get you anything this year…” and they would have lovingly responded with, “Oh honey, it’s perfectly fine. You need to save money for college!”

    Not this year. 

    This is the year to get your mom the most thoughtful gift you have ever given anyone. 

    You got this.

    That’s why we have created some Perfect Mother’s Day Templates (made to work with our large gaming mousepad) for you to be able to easily plug in the most thoughtful, sincere photo of you, your family, your dog, or anything else you can think of. Just follow the steps below, upload your image, and be one of the first to receive our new stitched mousepads to give to your mom on this special day.  Just click the images below for these awesome templates!


     World Champion Download

    Can't Be Beat Download

    Crazy Download

    Favorite Kid Download


    Once you've decided on one, follow these steps for optimal brownie points:

    • Download the template
    • Open the template in a photo editing program (GIMP is free!)
    • Add your loving photo to the template
    • Save your image as a JPG
    • Upload here


    NEW STITCHED EDGING!?!? Yep, we now have 3 new sizes of mousepads all exclusively with stitched edging. Alongside this sale of our new 13" x 11” mouse pads, we are also rolling out two other new gaming mat sizes. We hear your feedback loud and clear at Inked and two of the most common requests are new sizes and stitched edging. We are introducing the three new sizes this weekend. Enjoy!


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