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New Star Wars Movie set to release in 2023

When my parents decided to buy a Windows PC back in 1998, I asked for two games: Need For Speed 3 and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, which was new for the time. Shortly after, The Phantom Menace would arrive in theaters. At that point, I was obsessed with Star Wars and any games that allowed you to fly or drive fast. Nothing has changed since. When my wish was granted, I was in my glory.

To this day, it remains one of my favorite childhood memories because my friends/neighbors would come over after school and we would just have an all-out blast with it. That was after we finished our homework of course. So, you can imagine how psyched I was when I found out that there is a Star Wars: Rogue Squadron coming out in December 2023. I was immediately sent back 20 some odd years to my parent’s basement when I was five and had not a care in the world...besides getting shot down in X-Wing during a mission.

The initial announcement for this movie was made back in 2020 at a Disney Investor gathering. But, now, as we quickly approach the final months of 2021, things are starting to get serious. Pending any difficulties from Covid-19, the film is scheduled to be released in December 2023. That’s a lot of pages to skip on your calendar, I know, but even so early into development, we’ve been given some good info to hold us over. Not much, but just enough to pique our interest.

So, what do we know so far?

Rogue Squadron

One of the first things I look for when I hear a new movie is coming out is who the director is. According to numerous sources, including IMDb, the director is the same person who has given us movies like Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984. That would be Patty Jenkins, who has been on a hot streak since she entered the DC realm. Now, she’s looking to make the jump to lightspeed and take us back to the galaxy that’s far, far away. Given the success of both Wonder Woman films, and other projects that she’s been on, I think this is great news for fans and the franchise.

Patty even took the liberty of teasing her upcoming epic with this short trailer from back in 2020, which I thought was awesome. Take a look, if you haven’t seen it already.

Rogue Squadron trailer

Since the release of this trailer, a lot has happened. Jenkins herself even stated that as of July 2021, the script was close to completion and the crew is starting to take shape. No mention of a cast yet, but that should be coming out sometime later this year. With the script still in the final stages of completion, we can’t exactly pinpoint a plot for the film, so, for now, we’ll just have to leave it up to our imagination and memories of the game itself. 

However, we have been given a short, generic synopsis of what the film will involve. Apparently, the story will follow a new group of starfighter pilots, who look to establish themselves as one of the best squadrons in the galaxy by taking on daring missions and testing their dauntless bravery. At least Matthew Robinson, the script’s writer, had something to go on.

Since Rogue Squadron the game took place between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, many, including myself, expect the film to offer some important plot points that might have taken place during that time span. I’m also crossing my fingers that a few memorable characters will make an appearance as well. After all, we never did find out exactly what happened to Darth Vader once he was bumped into outer space by that other tie fighter. Just sayin’. 

Again, the info that’s out there right now is pretty thin, but I thought this would be a good blog to have on the books early on, that way when things really get rocking, we have something to refer back to. With that said, I’d like to get your thoughts on the movie and how you see it unfolding. Also, like always, if you see or hear anything new while you’re looking around online, be sure to come back and leave those for me in the comments section.

Until we meet again,

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