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New Promising RPG Hopefully Coming Soon!

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Many of us here at Inked Gaming have been part of the board gaming community for a long time and are always interested when new games are in the works.

Recently, a new game on kickstarter has been brought to our attention that is looking pretty promising: Children of the Beast. According to the kickstarter page, this game is “a tabletop monster hunting rpg where you evolve your character by consuming the creatures you kill.”

The page goes into quite a bit of detail about the specifics of the game and is worth a read for those who are interested (it’s a way better read than any summary I could scrape up here). They’ve also got some pretty sweet artwork up for you to look at as well.

Right now, the game is estimated for release in April of 2020. There are a handful of pledge options available that gets you access to some pretty sweet stuff ranging from a companion app for the game to sets of specialized dice and more when the game is released.

If this sounds like your kind of game, I highly recommend you go take a look. It’s certainly gotten a few of us here more than a little bit interested and excited to see how it plays.

Happy gaming!

The Inked Gaming Team

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