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New Products October 5th-9th!

Didn’t it feel like March through August was the longest time period since the Precambrian era? Well, hopefully September was a little better for you, because it was for us at Team Inked! It feels like time FLEW by in comparison to the rest of the year. Don’t look now, but the holiday season is right around the corner. That’s why we’re going to be focusing STOCKING STUFFERS and smaller Hanukkah/Boxing day-esque gifts this week!

First off, let’s take a look at a super fun product released by Nintendo - Pokémon Galar Power Mini Tin’s! 

Much like Pokémon, these tins are highly collectable, fun, and filled with adventure! Let’s break down what’s inside each tin:

-2 Pokémon TCG booster packs

-1 metallic Pokémon coin

-A Pokémon art card showing the art from this Mini Tin - you can collect and combine all 5!

At an $8.99 price point, these are a great idea for a stocking stuffer (by comparison, two booster packs retail at between $8.40-$8.99)! Check out our 5 pack special or our 1 pack listing! Both are great gift ideas!



Pokémon TCG Galar Power Mini Tin 5 Pack

5 Tins - $39.99!

galar mini tin

Pokémon TCG Galar Power Mini Tin

1 Tin - $8.99

galar mini tin 5 pack

Second up on our list of goodies, let’s dive into our Zendikar Rising Sleeve line from Ultra Pro! Your loved one or kiddo been playing with the new Omnath?! Well, here’s a great gift to brighten their day and give their commander deck that extra boost that it needs to dominate the battlefield!

Zendikar Rising Sleeves

mtg sleeves zendikar rising

zendikar rising sleeves

zendikar rising sleeves

zendikar rising sleeves

zendikar rising sleeves


We hope that this trip through our new accessories was a fun one! Personally, I’m going to snag one of those Pokémon Tins for myself. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally hit that Charizard VMax that I’ve been wanting for so long! 

Be sure to tune into our next blog outlining our coolest and most fetch accessories on our site! 

(I’m sorry, I’m still trying to make fetch work)

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