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New Products 10/19-10/23

Welcome back to another new product roll out on Inked Gaming! We have some fun stuff for you all this week. A couple AMAZING sleeve rollouts and a very interesting new product called a “Cube Shell.” 

Let’s begin!

It’s October so you know what that means: Halloween sleeves from Dragon Shield! As a connoisseur of many things creepy, crawly, and otherworldly, you know I’ll be snagging a box or two of these for my future tabletop adventures.

Dragon Shield Spider King Art Sleeves

Personally, I’ll be running to get these sleeves  faster than Snape runs when confronted with Shampoo! Made by, yes you guessed it, Dragon Shield, these are high quality and have some mega nostalgia factor.

Dragon Shield Harry Potter Art Sleeves

A new product from Dragon Shield, Cube Shells are designed to hold “booster packs” that are custom made by the creator of your cube (for more information on what a cube draft is, look here).  These look pretty sweet! If you or a friend have a cube and want to increase the “swag” factor of it, look no further! Let us know how you like these because they’re super new!

Dragon Shield Cube Shell

Personally, this is by far my favorite new product blog. I’m so excited to grab some of each of these for myself. I think I’ll be reppin’ team Hermione. The real hero of Harry Potter.

Kick back an Amortentia potion and spread some love in this world,

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