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New Ear Savers and Face Covers with Straps for Extra Comfort!

New Ear Savers And Face Covers with Straps For Extra Comfort

When we all started the year, most of us probably never thought about the little things that we need to worry about during a global pandemic. Some of our world leaders hadn’t even looked at all the issues that we could face, and many of us are still struggling to adapt, learn, and find the best and most effective ways to keep our friends and family safe and healthy.

One thing that the general public had probably never thought about, was how irritating some of the mask designs were on your ears! After a few hours of wearing the mask, the main complaint of most is the constant contact the straps make on your ears, which causes irritation. Inked Gaming, with the advice of healthcare professionals working on the front-line, went out and designed ear savers to help solve this problem.They have quickly become one of our most popular add-ons on our site!

Inked Gaming Mask Ear Saver

You can check out our ear savers here.

But we didn’t stop there with our willingness to adapt and try new strategies for our face masks. Our number one goal was comfort, while not decreasing the ability of the mask to protect. This is when staff at Inked discovered our new “Face cover with straps” design.

The Inked Gaming face cover is a very unique take on our masks. With a “behind the head” strap design, these straps never come in contact with your ears! The Inked Gaming face covers have quickly become known as the most comfortable simple mask designs on the market. 

In addition to the added comfort, an order of these masks still is eligible for a donation of FOUR masks to front-line workers for every one mask purchase. Still helping people, while keeping yourself and your community protected during these times!

Face Cover With Straps
Check out our new “Inked Gaming Face Cover with Straps” here.

How are you holding up in these times? Are you living in an area where masks are at a shortage? Do you know of someone that is having issues keeping masks available at their local game store, brick and mortar shop, or healthcare workplace? Let us know at and we can get some masks sent to you! We’re all in this together. Reach out if you need a hand.

Stay safe, 

Mitch Gross

Inked Gaming

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