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New Branded Apparel And Gear Releasing on Inked!

New Branded Apparel And Gear Releasing At Inked Gaming

It’s been a month since we released our face mask campaign and it has been a hit! We have been hard at work getting all of these mask orders and mask donations out. We’re over 20 thousand donations now! Thank you so much for the support of our healthcare workers, and if you’re new here, welcome to the Inked Gaming family. We’re glad you joined us during this crazy time.

Sarah, Kat, Mitch, Cam and Jeff from Team Inked have been busy working from home (to help our warehouse maintain proper social distancing) on customer service, coordinating projects, editing work, and adding new products, like our kid’s play mats and our colorbook playmats, to our product line! In the last couple weeks, we have also started adding t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and laptop sleeves - all featuring our amazing new mascot friend and logo, Kai! 

We are extremely excited to continue to add more and more products to our Inked Gaming line. Almost a decade ago, we started out as just a playmat company. Now, we truly feel like we’ve grown into the vision Thomas, our CEO, had from the start - a one stop shop for gaming supplies that understands the most important part - you. 

Check back for more products and artwork being added! If you have any suggestions for other kinds of Inked Gaming branded apparel or gear you'd like to see, comment below!

Stay safe, much love,

Team Inked

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