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New Art Spotlight: October 2019

New Art Spotlight: October 2019

Hello everyone! October is almost over, so that means you get to listen to me gush about all of the new art we’ve gotten up on the site this month. And all of the talented artists working with us have certainly given me a massive selection of new artworks to fawn over. From colorful abstract designs to cute patterns and even hilarious parody mash-up arts, we’ve gotten some truly stunning new works for you to browse through.

Plus, we got all of those amazing officially licensed designs up on the site this month, too. So we can now sell official designs for some of our favorite horror movies and cartoon shows, which is incredibly exciting for us. If you haven’t gotten the chance to browse though the officially licensed works, I highly recommend you take a moment to see what we’ve got.

Overall, it was even harder than usual for me to randomly select the art for this month’s new art spotlight. But alas, I managed it! So go ahead and take a look at the selected artworks below!

If you like these works, check out the other awesome new art available on our site and keep an eye out for our future New Art Spotlight blog posts. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help make sure you never miss out on one of our spotlights, announcements, or memes in the future.

If anyone out there is at all interested in joining our program (or you know somebody that you think definitely should be signing up for our program) you can head over to our Sell Your Art On Inked Gaming page to learn more about the program and how to submit an application!

Mixtape LandsMixtape Lands by Baerthe

Artist: Baerthe
Artist Bio: “Hello! I'm Robert, aka Baerthe, graphic and UX designer with a strong focus on tabletop and trading card games and fan-content. My focus for design is creating solid but creative designs but with a flair for the fantastic. That means I happen to do a lot of hobbyist works especially for MTG and the like. I have been a designer for many years but only recently started to make content for my favorite games and seeking to really make an impact in getting quality designs into player's hands.
You can find out more about me and my stuff over at a lot of places really.
Patreon (Tokens):
Discord: Baerthe#0001 /
Dread Crow
Dread Crow by Anthony James Rich
Artist: Anthony James Rich
Artist Bio: "Anthony James Rich is a Wichita based artist and illustrator. He is a lifelong lover of fantasy and science fiction genres and currently specialize in fantasy character illustrations. Anthony works primarily digitally, with occasional forays into traditional drawing and painting media.
Portfolio -"
Demongirl Cady by Michael Dashow
Artist: Michael Dashow
Artist Bio: "Hi, I'm Michael Dashow, a game industry veteran and pro artist. I do illustration work for tabletop games, video games, and just for fun. My favorite genres to work in are science fiction, fantasy and steampunk. I enjoy developing character-driven pieces, especially humorous ones. I live in Oakland, California, USA. 

Web site:






I hope you enjoyed this month's new art spotlight. 

Until next time!

Sarah Berge

Marketing Manager at Inked Gaming

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