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New Art Spotlight: November 2020

Hello again, everyone! Well, it appears that yet another month is in the books! And what better way to remember, remember the month of November than with some awesome artworks from a hand-picked trio of gifted designers? Most of you know the New Art Spotlight score by now, but for those who don’t, here’s some background color. 

At the end of each month, we randomly select three arts from three different artists and feature them in our monthly NAS post. Now, as you can imagine, we receive many different arts and designs each month, all of which are absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, we only have three spots available, and since choosing favorites is always a challenge, we select these designs at random instead.

This month, we’ve got three designs that represent three key elements of art: vision, vibrancy, and imagination. These artworks look great on all kinds of gaming essential gear as well, especially our playmats! 

As always, if you like these designs, be sure to check out the other awesome new art available on our site and keep an eye out for our future New Art Spotlight blog posts. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help make sure you never miss out on one of our spotlights, announcements, or memes in the future.

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SUNSET COWBOY: Carbon Beaver

Artist: Carbon Beaver
Artist Bio: “We are a team of artists from Greece, passionate about MTG and Yu-gi-oh. Most of our designs draw inspiration from our favorite games with a few original pieces here and there. Hope you like them!”
You can follow us on social media here:




Artist: Marksquare
Artist Bio: “Hi, I’m marksquare. I’m an artist and a gamerist! Thanks for stopping by to check out my work here on Inked Gaming!
What if magic was a reality and goblins and other magical creatures did exist? How might that have changed the paintings that we all know and love? My current body of work tries to answer these questions and make you the most spiffy player at your LGS at the same time! Carry on my fellow modern day renaissance people! Keep it classy out there!”
Thanks for considering my work for your fun times!
Come by and chat with me and see more of my work at: or



Artist: Solely Singleton
Artist Bio: “Hello and welcome to the Solely Singleton Inked Gaming page.  I'm your host Brad, this is a static block of text so I have no co-host. We are the premiere Magic the Gathering Cube podcast that occasionally delves into other singleton formats including Commander, Brawl, and Canadian Highlander.  If you've found your way here you're probably already a listener of the show.  If you landed on this page by mistake feel free to check us out here:  If you for any reason need to contact us with ideas for future designs or general questions about the show you can contact us by email at or via the contact info on our website,
Please, don't hesitate to contact us, we're always looking for more feedback and are willing to help.”

Have a delightful December!

Team Inked

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