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New Art Spotlight: May 2019

Welcome back, everyone! At Inked Gaming, we are so lucky to say that we spend our days collaborating with talented people from all over the world in a variety of ways. One of the main ways we get to collaborate with them is through art.

We have an art program where artists sign up on our site to offer their designs on many Inked Gaming products. If someone comes to our website and purchases a product with one of those designs, the artist receives a 10% commission. So, it ends up being a pretty sweet deal for everyone involved - the artists get some money and exposure, the customers get some of the best looking gaming paraphernalia around, and Inked gets to work with passionate people who are interested in gaming and cool art.

This program is especially exciting for us here at Inked because it means we are constantly getting access to stunning new and updated art from the artists who choose to work with us. Typically, we get to upload new art to the site multiple times each week, which is a pretty great way to spend the afternoon.

In the spirit of this program, we are going to start sharing some randomly selected samples of our newer art. We will post one of these updates to our blog at least once a month. That way, you guys will have the opportunity to be alerted to some of the new art on the site...aaaand we get to spend some extra time in our day looking at the cool art.

Below, we’ve included a selection of some of this month's new art, along with the artist’s bio. Take a look!

If you like these works, check out the other awesome art available on our website's Browse By Art section and keep an eye out for our future New Art Spotlight blog posts. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help make sure you never miss out on one of our spotlights, announcements, or memes in the future.

If anyone out there is at all interested in joining our program (or you know somebody that you think definitely should be signing up for our program) you can head over to our Sell Your Art On Inked Gaming page to learn more about the program and how to submit an application!

Until next time, happy gaming everyone!

- The Inked Gaming Team


New Art:

Wyrm Hoarder
Art by: Jessica Feinberg
Artist Bio: “Jessica Cathryn Feinberg is a quirky author/illustrator who is best known for mixing mundane and magic in her paintings of wildlife, trees, dragons, faeries, clockwork, and strange creatures. She writes, edits, and illustrates both privately and commercially.  Her current series Dragons & Other Rare Creatures features matching books, playing cards, playmats and mousepads.”
Library Garden
Art by: Ozzie Sneddon
Artist Bio: “Ozzie Sneddon is an artist of many avenues. He develops video games, teaches art and design, illustrates elaborate fantasy art, composes music, and is currently writing a comic book. He is based out of Gilbertsville Pennsylvania.”
Takeout Prism Space
Art by: Taylor Anderson
Artist Bio: “Hello, I am Taylor Anderson; a hobby artist and graphic designer. I love Magic: the Gathering and Warmachine. Currently, this is the only place you can find my work. Hopefully there will be more to come!”
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