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New Art Spotlight: March 2022

After a fun month filled with amazing new artists and their designs, we’re ready to ‘march’ on into April. But before we do, we must fulfill our monthly duty, which is to present three new designs for our New Art Spotlight. Each selected art below comes from three gifted artists who recently became a part of the Inked Gaming community…and we’re super excited to have their work featured on our goods!

Like most of the artists in our community, these three create their art according to a certain, special style that empowers them to do their best work. They also originate from different parts of the world, giving us an international trio of talented designers who now have all one thing in common: Team Inked!

As always, if you like these designs, be sure to check out the other awesome new art available on our site and keep an eye out for our future New Art Spotlight blog posts. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to help make sure you never miss out on one of our spotlights, announcements, or memes in the future.

Furthermore, if anyone out there is interested in joining our program (or you know somebody that you think definitely should be signing up for our program) you can head over to our Artist Program page to learn more about the program and how to submit an application!



Artist: Scott Sesko
I'm a photographer and graphic designer based in Denver, Colorado. Hope you enjoyed my stuff!
Social Links:


Artist: Fleeting Ember

I'm Louise Goalby, a mother of 2 and a digital artist who also goes by the tag Fleeting_Ember. I have been working within the digital art industry for over 10 years through freelancing for both personal and commercial contracts, as well as building my own online presence and running various stores. I am based in the UK and as well as being a total nerd when it comes to gaming, I also have always loved both animals and fantasy creatures.


Social Links:

Please keep up to date with all my current works by checking me out on Instagram (@fleeting_ember) Thank you!


Artist: Malcress

Heya! I'm Malcress, a 21-year-old self-taught digital artist currently residing in the Czech Republic. My artwork usually depicts creatures, animals, and fantasy themes in a stylized colorful, and atmospheric manner.

Social Links:

If you're interested in my art, then I'd be thankful if you checked me out on my IG (@malcress_)


We’re looking forward to an awesome April!


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