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New Art Spotlight: August 2019

New Art Spotlight: August 2019

Welcome back! Can you believe August is almost over already? I don’t know about you, but this summer is flying by me faster and faster each month. A large part of the reason this month has felt like a speedrun for me is the sheer amount of stuff we’ve gotten done here at Inked. There’s so many new art and artists on the site just waiting to be discovered by you that it was incredibly difficult to randomly select the artwork for this month’s spotlight. But alas, I eventually collected a sample for you all to gander at below.

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Blur Of Motion Playmat by Agent Confidential
Art By: Agent Confidential
Artist Bio: “Greetings Agents! My name is Agent Confidential and I am an abstract digital artist based out of the United States of America. I started producing digital art collages in my Freshman year of college and have had a passion for it ever since. I'm also an avid Magic: The Gathering player and gaming enthusiast as well, so I thought I would combine my two passions: gaming and art. 
My artwork is extremely different than most other artists because every angle of appearance tells a different story. Each time that you look through my art, various perspectives, realities and truths may come about to you personally. The next time you use these playmats at your gaming get-together, there should be plenty of stories to tell. 
If you're interested in having a full, custom-designed commission from me for your EPIC gaming experiences, i'd love to discuss this with you! All you've got to do is send me a message through my Facebook page or via email I truly appreciate you showing your support and checking out my artwork. If you like the art I am producing, please help spread the word to your friends and family through social media:

Angel Of Law And Justice Playmat
Art By: Kyle Pearson
Artist Bio: “My name is Kyle Pearson I am a freelance Illustrator and Designer and am happy to do commission work for anyone.

Desert City Playmat
Art By: Kaosusama
Artist Bio: “I'm just a Vegas artist who does digital painting as a hobby. I spend my time working on illustrations of fan art and some of my own original characters. Lately, I have been focused on practicing portraits and environments. I hope you enjoy my work! You can find more of my stuff here:”


It's been real,

The Inked Gaming Team

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