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NAS: August 2021

Is it us, or does it feel like we just had our monthly New Art Spotlight? We’re not complaining, this is our favorite post for ending the month on a high note, but it seems like things are moving faster now. Maybe that’s what happens when you go past the halfway point of the year. We’re already finished up with August, and with only a few months to go, we want to make the most of all of the remaining 2021 New Art Spotlights. 

For this month, we’ve compiled three more sweet designs that we think you’ll really enjoy. All three have a certain degree of magic and imagination that we look for in all the art that we choose to feature in these posts. Three artists behind the designs have a story to tell as well, which is why we’ve linked their bios and collection pages to each listing. The colors, shapes, and textures of each are enough to make anyone do a double-take. Keep scrolling and you’ll see why.

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Furthermore, if anyone out there is interested in joining our program (or you know somebody that you think definitely should be signing up for our program) you can head over to our Artist Program page to learn more about the program and how to submit an application!




Artist: Sue Ellen Brown

I’m an old-school fantasy illustrator, from the days before anyone even thought of digital. Responsible for the original MTG Medallion cards, Tempest series, and my own Dracoserific alphabet – a font made entirely of dragons. Happy to spell your name in fire.
Are you interested in having a custom-worded Dracoserific playmat?  Click on the image below!



Artist: Michael Jeninga 

I'm Michael Jeninga and I'm a 2d/3d space-themed artist, I've been making space artwork for a little over 5 years now with experience with Blender, Gimp, Photoshop, Krita, After Effects, and Unreal Engine 4. I make my landscapes and planets inside Blender, After Effects, and Unreal Engine while my painting is done in Krita.
You can find my artwork on the following pages! 
ArtStation - Michael Embers
Spaceart | BrandedByFire (
Branded By Fire | Facebook
Twitter: BrandedByFire (@xBrandedByFire) / Twitter




Artist: Damaride Neurommancer

Hello - Damaride here! I am a molecular biologist/artist; I work on digital and hand-painted pieces alike. Please check out more platforms where you can find me!
Sleeves: (@damarideneurommancer)
Instagram:  (@damarideneurommancer)
Facebook:  (@damarideneurommancer)
Twitter:  (@damneurommancer)


With that, we’re all set for a superb September!


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