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My Top 6 Spookiest Dice Bag Designs and What to Use Them For

Hello again! Some of you may remember that I recently created a listicle of the spookiest playmat designs featured on our site. (If you haven’t read that post I suggest you take a look at it after this one.) This time around, we're switching gears just a little bit and focusing on some spooky dice bag designs that are great for both using and showing off this Halloween!

Aside from their intended use, which is storing dice, deck boxes, life counters, cards, and other essential gaming gear, these dice bags can actually be used for carrying candy or matching with your costume on Halloween as well. Now, the dice bag designs that I’ve listed below really caught my eye and seemed to conjure up that dark, sinister feeling that I mentioned in my previous playmat post. However, if you find (or possess) a dice bag of ours that you think has a scarier (or equally scary) design, be sure to list it in the comments section after you’ve read through this post!

Let’s begin!


I wanted to list designs in this post that were not only spooky, but rather disturbing at the same time and I think our Deady Bear design checks both of those boxes. This design is actually a part of our newly introduced Halloween collection, which features some of our creepiest designed gear for our ‘Spooktacular Halloween Sale’! So, if you’re a Halloween enthusiast, a fright fan (like me), or just a regular zombie who likes to play with dead things, I think this dice bag design is right up your scary alley!


Okay, now this dice bag, featuring Mundane Massacre’s Dark Halloween Night design, really gave me that eerie feeling that I’ve talked about before. It actually reminded me of the cover to Halloween III: Season of the Witch (for the 80s kids and horror movie nerds among you). If you’re planning on doing some trick-or-treating this Halloween, I would recommend taking this spooky little dice bag with you. I think that It goes nicely with any costume as well, especially for all of you witches and dark wizards out there!


Mundane Massacre continues to make my skin crawl with their work and this creepy Walking Peeps design! Between the dark colors and the creepy figures it depicts, I felt that this dice bag design absolutely needed to be featured in this listicle. It’s quite fitting for the Halloween season and anyone who’s maybe looking to give their game a more spooky, eerie feel year-round. 



Evil takes many forms. And in this case, it’s a dice bag that features official Warner Bros. art from the 2019 movie, IT Chapter 2! As I may have mentioned in other posts already, I’m a HUGE fan of the horror movie genre, and when I came across this particular IT Chapter 2 dice bag on our site, I didn’t hesitate to put on my list of spookiest designs. The cool (and creepy) thing about this dice bag design is that even if you never saw the movies, it is still scary to look at just with the clown, the tagline, and the colors alone. We have a few different IT Chapter 2 arts on our site, all of which are great, but this one has to be one of my favorites, especially on the dice bag!


I’ve actually come across this design from Jordan Poole featured on a few different items throughout our site. Each time that I see it, I get that scary Haunted Mansion (Hill House) vibe from it, which is perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit. Jordan Poole is known for vibrant and often creepy designs, and this Beyond the Veil design is right up there with some of his best pieces.


Jordan Poole gives us yet another spooky dice bag design with his one of a kind Pinhead art, which depicts one of the most sinister and recognizable characters in horror movie history. I don’t know about you, but this design always gives me the creeps (which is what it’s supposed to do) and actually channels that same unsettling feeling that I got from watching the movies (Hellraiser). I think Jordan Poole does a great job of capturing that feeling in this design with his usage of certain elements (including the box pattern) that only fans of the films would understand, which is why it makes my list.

Thanks for joining me in this post! Again, if you have a spooky favorite dice bag design that isn’t featured on this list, I want to hear from you. Be sure to put your choice(s) in the comments below. Also, we have some more spooky, Halloween themed posts on deck between now and October 31st, so if you’ve enjoyed these posts, I recommend that you keep an eye on our blog page as well.

Until we meet again,

Vince the Prince

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