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MTG's Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

With October quickly coming closer and closer, numerous companies and TCGs are beginning to roll with scarier themes to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. WOTC has chosen to do the same with MTG and the release of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt! 


MTG has let it be known that this set/expansion will include a flurry of new, rare cards, which will feature some pretty scary-looking creatures, lands, and artifacts. Specifically, it’s been revealed that this set will contain a total of 277 cards. Those cards will consist of :


  • 100 commons
  • 83 uncommons
  • 64 rares
  • 20 mythic rares
  • 10 basic lands

Midnight Hunt comes with some new mechanics as well, which players will come to learn and master over time. Actually, the mechanics connected to this particular set have been described as a revamp of the old Transform mechanic.

So, why are we telling you about this now? Well, according to MTG, the release date for Midnight Hunt is closer than we think. Players will have access to the set starting on September 24th. It will be followed by another expansion set titled: Innistrad: Crimson Vow a couple of months after, but we’ll save that story for another weekend.

Right now, we want you to know all about Midnight Hunt and what else MTG has in store for it, which is why we would like for you to read through the detailed blog post that they currently have featured on their site. There, you will find the full list of cards, an in-depth breakdown of the mechanics, preorder details, updates, upcoming expansion info, and more. You can get to that Midnight Hunt blog and read all about it by clicking HERE.



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