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MTG Arena Tournament Scheduled 1 Day After Banning

Thievin' Droko

Magic: Arena will be having a $75,000 tournament, in partnership with Twitch, the day after the new banned card(s) in standard are announced. The banned and restricted list announcements happen November 18th -- just one day before some of the best players in the world (and many hopeful challengers) will be battling it out for a chance to win a portion of the prize pool.

For a more in-depth link to the tournament, here is where you can see the full list of attendees and register for the wait-list (tournament is only open to Twitch streamers with affiliate or partner!)

In the last major tournament, Mythic Championship VI, the card Oko, Thief of Crowns, was in 69% of the total decks that were registered. This statistic was met with overwhelming outcry from the Magic community. The community, had come to conclusion that Oko needs a fix, but it is believed that Wizards did not want to ban a card before a major tournament like the Mythic Championship – which would have destroyed many days and hours of testing for this tournament that many of these competitors had put in.

This means that the banning will be coming on Monday the 18th, and it is basically a 100% chance that Oko will be banned. The only question is whether some of the other key players in green (Nissa, Veil of Summer, and Once Upon a Time) will also be banned alongside Oko.

This all sets the stage for the upcoming Twitch Rivals tournament. It will be broadcast on as well as broadcast on every competitor’s streams throughout this two day event. As of now, the top 32 players from day 1 will be playing for a 1st place prize of $10,000!

Additionally, one of our own staff members will be playing in this event, our very own Magikarp (Mitch)! You can find his stream at:

Go root on Mitch and Inked Gaming in this huge Arena event!

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