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MTG announces Secret Lair x Post Malone crossover!

It’s being called the ‘Backstage Pass’ series, and based on the cards that have been teased so far, this crossover set looks just as awesome as it sounds. That’s right, Post Malone is once again teaming up with MTG on an exciting new project. There’s no $100K prize or $800K card on the table this time, but it sure seems like what’s coming next is going to be exciting for ALL MTG players. 

Post Malone Secret Lair

In case you weren’t aware, MTG is getting to celebrate its 30th Anniversary. That means a lot of passion projects, special edition sets, and collaborations are coming through. Since Post Malone is such a HUGE fan of MTG, it’s only right that the rapper gets to do something extra special to commemorate his favorite card game. And there’s nothing more special than teaming up with MTG to design a new Secret Lair crossover set, especially one that features your name and likeness.

Again, some of the cards in this Secret Lair set have been teased ahead of the official release…and we think they look amazing. Have a look for yourself:

Post Enchanter
Post, Son of Rich

There are four cards featured in the Backstage Pass series, all of which were picked by Post Malone. He also helped out with the artwork and handwritten text, that way they looked as authentic as possible. His tattoos, for example, were a very important detail to get right. Again, you can tell that a lot went into the creation of the cards in this set. 

Mark Heggen, MTG’s Product Designer, had this to say about the new Post Malone set: 

“Post is helping us celebrate 30 years of Magic, and that includes this Secret Lair. We’ve loved working with him to find this new and unexpected way for him to connect with his millions of fans, either through his Magic enthusiasm or his immensely popular music.”

Like some of the other sets in MTG’s Secret Lair Drop Series, this Secret Lair x Post Malone crossover will include two new card sets and will be available for a limited time only. So, if you want this part of MTG history in your collection, we suggest that you get yours pre-ordered ASAP, that way you’ll be more towards the front of the line by the time the set officially launches.

Pre-orders actually began on October 17th and will remain open until November 14th, so you still have some time. The official release date for this set is November 28th. It looks like we’re going to have a lot to be thankful for this November!

Let us what you think of this new Post Malone Secret Lair in the comments below and if you’ve already pre-ordered your own set.

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