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Mobile Phone Game Reviews By Sarah: #SelfCare

Mobile Phone Game Reviews By Sarah #SelfCare

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming back to another Mobile Phone Game Review by Sarah. This week’s app was actually suggested by Kat, our Design Manager. This one is more of a self care app than it is a game. It actually states multiple times in the app that there are no points or ways to win by playing. Its purpose is just to help you recharge and feel better. But, there are some pretty fun and relaxing activities in the app and I think most of us have use for some stress relief in our lives these days, so I wanted to include it in this series.


What is it?

#SelfCare is a mindfulness, self care app produced by Tru Luv Media, Inc in 2018. It is available on IOS and Android. In the app, you stay in bed. That’s all you have to do - stay in bed to recharge. The app starts off by introducing you to your room and giving you a tour of all of the different activities you can complete while lying in bed. There’s soft, soothing music in the background to help you relax as you play. The room itself is beautifully designed with a stunning amount of detail. Just over the head of your bed there is a little sun indicator that shows you how much light you’ve charged up since you’ve been playing that day. The longer you stay in bed (aka play the app) and complete activities, the more light you charge up. It starts with no sun at all and can evolve into a bright, shining sun. 


SelfCare App: In Bed


While laying in bed, you can complete a variety of activities like breathing exercises, sorting your laundry, petting your cat (which reminded me strongly of Nintendogs), growing plants, playing word games, and much much more. All of the activities have calm and easy to understand instruction prompts to help you through each process. Plus, the app consistently reminds you that there are no points or ways to win the game. All of the activities are only there to help you feel better. If you don’t like one, move on to the next activity. 


SelfCare App: Activities


What did you think?

I really liked this app. I think it’s a great idea that was beautifully executed. Tru Luv worked with a large variety of people from artists to psychologists to create this app and it clearly shows. It really is just a soothing and entertaining game that can help people feel better and potentially improve their mental health for free. There aren’t even any ads. It’s just a beautifully designed game with a soothing soundtrack and a willingness to help, which I can really appreciate.


SelfCare App: Activity Prompty


Would you recommend this game?

Definitely. I really enjoyed this game and will be leaving it installed on my phone for the foreseeable future. If you’re someone who could use a helping hand decompressing, even if that’s just every now and then, I would highly recommend giving this app a try.

Thanks again for tuning in to another Mobile Phone Game Reviews by Sarah.

Until next time, I’ll be on my couch!

Sarah Berge

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