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Mobile Phone Game Reviews By Sarah: Pocket Mortys

Mobile Phone Game Reviews By Sarah: Pocket Mortys

Hello everyone and welcome to our new blog series - Mobile Phone Game Reviews By Sarah (the one person on Team Inked that doesn’t do a lot of gaming of any kind). I’m Sarah and I am very excited about trying out some new phone game apps. I’m sure many of you are in self isolation right now. All of the office workers at Team Inked have been working from home for a couple of weeks, myself included, and we understand how boring and stressful it can be. During times like this, it is very important to have fun things to do from time to time to take our minds off things. That’s why we wanted to start this new blog series! Mobile phone games can be an easy, affordable, and fun way to get a little entertainment into your day. Most people already have a phone capable of playing at least one game, even if that’s just good old Snake. So, I am going to be working my way through some of the mobile phone game apps out there, playing for at least 20 minutes, and then writing a little review. Without further ado, let the game (reviews) begin!

Pocket Mortys

What is it?

Pocket Mortys is a free-to-play Rick and Morty themed game that was released by Adult Swim Games in 2016. It is available for both IOS and Android. The plot of the game is pretty simple - Ricks across the dimensions have started battling Mortys like Pokémon. When playing, you take on the role of one of the Ricks as he learns about the battling and then goes out to collect, battle, and evolve Mortys himself. To do this, you must travel to different Morty Battling dimensions where you can battle other Morty trainers or collect stray Mortys.

Pocket Mortys: Morty Battling


What did you think?

I had a lot of fun playing this game. I ended up playing significantly longer than the 20 minute minimum needed for these reviews. At this point, I’ve easily spent a good 3-4 hours playing this game on my phone after work. The plot is explained well at the beginning, so it’s really easy for someone with minimal video game experience (like me) to pick up and start playing. One of the things I found the most impressive was how they bridged the gap between the show universe and the game universe. The graphics in the game are done in a way that looks very much like it could be part of the show universe somehow, while also paying a good amount of homage to old Pokémon. It felt very cohesive to me, especially as I played longer and visited more and more of the dozens of Morty Battling dimensions in the game. 

Pocket Mortys - Morty Battling Dimension

Plus, they include a variety of characters from the show throughout the game. As a fan of the show, that made it even more fun to keep playing and exploring the different dimensions to see who I could find. For example, if all of your Mortys get defeated while you’re battling, your Rick blacks out and Birdperson shows up to take you back to the Healing Center. Birdperson can also be found just hanging out next to the Healing Center at any time. 

Pocket Mortys - Birdperson

Finally, it holds true as a free-to-play game. That is a huge win for me with mobile phone games. Of course, there have been a few instances where an ad has popped up inviting me to spend some real world money to buy things in the game. But, I haven't hit a spot in the game where it’s not possible for me to continue playing unless I spend money. There are always opportunities to achieve the same result eventually, even if I just have to wait a day or two for my Mortys to finish bootcamp. The ads themselves have been infrequent, non intrusive, and (as an added bonus) pretty clever and funny. 

Pocket Mortys - Ad Space Morty


Would you recommend this game?

Definitely! If you like Rick and Morty, Pokémon, or both, I think it is a very fun and slightly addictive little game to pass the time. I’ve already sunk multiple hours into it and I can tell that I’ve barely even scratched the surface. So, if you’re looking for something to do these days, I recommend you give it a try.

Thanks for tuning in to the first Mobile Phone Game Review By Sarah! 

Until next time, I’ll be on my couch,

Sarah Berge

Inked Gaming

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