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Meet Team Rankstar's competitive Eternal Card Game Roster!


Eternal Card Game, by Direwolf Digital, has been picking up steam in the Digital Card Game world.  Most notably announcing that there is going to be a World Championships in 2019 with a 100 THOUSAND dollar prize pool!  

Former and current Magic players, Hearthstone fanatics, and other people from all over the gaming world have been giving Eternal a try lately.  The Twitch streaming numbers have been up and the community has been on the rise.  Inked Gaming and Team Rankstar recently partnered up making Rankstar the official digital card game team of Inked and we wanted to get to know the competitive players a little more.  We had Rankstar's Eternal captain, NotoriousGHP, do a write up on every player on the roster, giving us a good idea of who to root for in the upcoming Eternal World Championship qualifiers!  

Presenting:  Team Rankstar's Eternal Card Game competitive roster! 

AetherLlama: AetherLlama is a veteran of several strategy games with top tournament finishes in each. In Eternal,  he's been wracking up his ETS top 8's and wins recently in addition to being the mastermind behind many great finishes from other players. Always looking for the next big strategy, Llama is continuously innovating decks while never being afraid to try something off the beaten path. Llama has proven himself as one of the best deck builders around.



Eternal Market Masters 1st place

ETS S4W2 1st place

ETS S4W7 1st place

ETS 2nd place

ETS 3rd place



Master's League 1st place

Alpha World Championship 3rd place



2 Invitational top 8s

ChrisVanMeter(CVM): Chris is a known figure on the Star City Games Magic: The Gathering circuit, who's built themselves a impressive resume. Chris has recently delved into Eternal, and, upon this transition has found plenty of success including most recently Masters’ Top 100's in both Draft and Constructed. Chris is a force to be reckoned with and soon will take his first steps into the tournament world, where we expect him to have a very high success rate.


20 Star City Games Open Top 8's

5 Star City Games Open Win's

Dunkelwerk: Dunkelwerk's a player who flew under the radar for a very long time, but has recently cemented himself as a top player in the competitive scene. Dunkel has always performed well on ladder, and now has made the final stage of 2 Direwolf Digital test tournaments while constantly improving himself as a player. Known for his grindy midrange decks, Dunkel is not afraid to dive deep and take risks in order to take down the strongest opponents. He will often find himself with some innovative cards making his way into his decklist.


1 ETS Top 8

Top 2 Direwolf Digital Test tournament: Reunion

Top 64 Direwolf Digital Test Tournament: Envoy

I_Am_Monstrum: Monstrum is an Eternal grinder who's worked hard to continuously prove themselves to the competition. One of most active members of the Team Rankstar Eternal lineup, Monstrum has shown strengths playing a wide range of strategies, especially Praxis tokens. Not being afraid to challenge the norm is one of Monstrum's biggest strengths, never hesitating to question what's popular and always willing to work to find the best solution makes him a dangerous opponent going into the first ever Eternal World championship.


2 ETS Top 8's

Qualified for 2 ECL Invitionals

Top 64 Direwolf Digital Test Tournament: Envoy


JonahVeil: JonahVeil is one of the most prolific streamers in the Eternal community. While he may not have some of the tournament finishes as some of his teammates, he has cemented himself in the community by providing long and entertaining streams. Contrasting other streamers is one of his strengths, as he puts a lot of energy into creating a unique environment for a range of viewers to enjoy. Coupled with his competency in ranked, draft and sealed, he is frequented by new players and veterans alike. Tune in any time Jonah is streaming for a full fledged good time

Mantidman: Mantid is one of the most recognizable figures in Eternal due to his content creation skills, most notably his “Trail Stories” Series,  "The Oathbook" and the "Unexpected Results" podcast. Mantid is most definitely not afraid to put in the work to produce the best possible content for his viewers, and it shows. Mantid knows how to keep you wanting more, and we always look forward to his next piece of work.



2 Darkmoon faire Top 4's

2 WOW Nationals top 32 finishes

1 Top 16 WOW World Championships

Magikarp: His name might be an unevolved Pokemon, but this fish continues to Evolve as a player picking up new decks and ideas each and every week. Magikarp has shown his proficiency as a pilot and deck builder, rewarding him with many great tournament finishes and currently being qualified for the 2018 ETS World Championship. That's not all, Magikarp has also had success in Magic: The Gathering, demonstrating his mastery of card games. Magikarp is definitely one of the favorites heading into the ETS World Championship, and will definitely prove himself trying to qualify for the Eternal World Championship.


Magic: The Gathering

GP Portland: 23rd Place

GP Salt Lake City: 14th Place

SCG Portland: 2nd Place

Magic Online PTQ Win

2 time top 25 Magic Online Constructed player of the year


1 ETS Win

5 ETS Top 8's

1 ETS Invitational Top 4

1 ETS Invitational Top 16

ETS Rookie All stars invite

Has an over 65% win rate in the ECL Tournament Series

Maybenextime: Maybenextime is not one of the most experienced Eternal Players on Team Rankstar, but this isn't his first card game. Finding success in both Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, Maybenexttime proves time and time again that he is a strong competitor. Sporting a degree in English, Maybenexttime is also a very strong writer, making every piece of work make you want more. Maybenexttime hasn't had the time to make his mark on the current Meta game, but as we approach the Eternal World Championship, we expect him to take the field off guard



4 ETS Top 8's

Qualified for 1 ETS invitational

Finished a season rank 1 in draft


5 NA Prelims Qualifier wins

2 Tespa Collegiate Top 8's

NotoriousGHP (Not written by me): The captain of Team Rankstar's Eternal team, NotoriousGHP, is a rising star in multiple card games. While competing, streaming, coaching and being a community leader in Eternal, he still managed to win a Hearthstone Challenger Cup Qualifier, and queue for multiple RPTQ's in Magic: The Gathering. The future is very bright for this young captain. His most recent top 4 in the Direwolf Digital Test tournament: Reunion beating out thousands of players shows that there's no slowing him down. His ability to be one step ahead of the metagame and brew decks that are off everyone's radar make a very dangerous player to look at for the Eternal World Championship


Magic: The Gathering

1 Face to Face Games Open top 8

2 PPTQ Wins

1 RPTQ Top 8


6 ETS Top 8's

Top 4 October 2018 ECL Invitational

Qualified for September 2018 ECL Invitational

Highest win rate in ECL tournaments (70%)

Top 4 Direwolf Digital Test tournament: Reunion

Qualified for Direwolf Digital Test tournament: Envoy

1 Constructed Rank 1 Finish

ThePlatyusKing: The one true king of Eternal, ThePlatypusKing is one of the most beloved streamers Eternal has to offer. Always trying to put a smile on his viewers face, Platy is a light hearted individual who happens to also be a monstrous Eternal Player. Platy has put up consistently high tournament results, and with the ability to play any style deck Platy is a dangerous competitor coming into both the Eternal World Championship, and the ETS 2018 World Championship. Bow to the king!


Magic the Gathering:

3 Star City Games Open Top 8's

1 GP Top 32


1 ETS Win

5 ETS Top 8's

1 ETS Invitational Top 8

2 ETS Invitational Top 16

Tchamber5: The newest member of our Eternal Team, Tchamber is a known writer in the Eternal Community who’s recently dove head first into the competitive side. He is one of the hardest working members we have always asking questions and trying to take his skills to the next level. Tchamber is known for his innovative deck building, always trying to find that spicy tech card to take down his opponents. Given his work ethic and flexibility, we believe he will be a strong asset to Team Rankstar leading into the World Championship, a true wild card with an immense amount of untapped potential.
Going to be a Dad in less then a month
Top 8’d the ECL October 2018 Invitational

Y0ttabyte: The most recognizable Eternal streamer, the tomato farming Australian continues to prove that time zones don't matter, by putting up fantastic results even at 6 AM. Y0ttabyte is one of the most passionate Eternal players around, who always looks for the next interesting deck to take the competition by storm. Although y0tta has limited tournament experience, he's performed well thus far and we expect this to only improve as we approach the World Championship


Top 64 Direwolf Digital Test Tournament: Envoy


Isochron: Another Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering prodigy, Iso has been an amazingly consistent performer of the ECL tournament series these past few months. One of their biggest strengths is that they have played and are proficient in almost every Eternal Card Game archetype, having extensively grinded ladder since early on. Another dark horse in the Eternal Card Game qualifiers. We expect Isochron to represent Rankstar and Inked well.


Multiple top 5 ladder finishes

Multiple high placings in ECL tournament series 


 We're very excited to see all of these players represent us as well as Rankstar in many upcoming tournaments!  Check out Team Rankstar here where you can find amazing articles and more information on these players as well as some of Rankstar's other card teams:


Additionally, if you've yet to try Eternal Card Game, check out the FREE download here:

Thanks for reading and we hope that you'll join us in rooting for Team Rankstar! 


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