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Magic Showcase 2021

With so much going on in the gaming world this year, we wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t get a chance to catch some of the awesome announcements and updates that were revealed during this year’s Magic Showcase streaming event, which took place on August 24th. We recently posted an MTG announcement blog of our own that details the upcoming release of some sweet new crossover set coming out next year. 

Note: You can read that blog by clicking here.

MTG Showcase

That bit of info was also revealed during the Showcase, but there was so much more that we felt we should at least attempt to find a way to share it all with you. So, here we are. However, it would be quite challenging to cover ALL the info/details that were made public during the Showcase. With so many new decks, crossovers, and other releases coming out this year, and into next year, we thought WOTC/MTG did an excellent job of fitting all the info into a one-hour-long stream and even wrote up a detailed blog about it as well.

That blog is rich with dazzling, detailed info, all of which was discussed during the Showcase event. In fact, we enjoyed that blog so much that we thought all of our readers and fellow wizards should give it a read as well. So, that’s why we are going to drop a link to that blog and the Showcase steam itself in this short little blog. Again, this is for those of you who haven’t yet watched or read about it. 

Here is the link to the Showcase stream via YouTube and here is the link to the overview blog that was written shortly after. Just as we have said in our previous blogs, there is a lot to look forward to in 2021 and 2022, and last week’s Showcase confirms it. 

Whether you watch it or read it, or both, we hope you enjoy learning more about Magic Showcase 2021 and all the awesome details that were revealed during it!


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