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Legends of Runeterra: Day 1

Legends of Runeterra: Day 1

Today is a historic day for digital card gaming. Legends of Runeterra’s early release happens today – for people who registered for the beta early. Tomorrow, Legends of Runeterra’s open beta releases to the public!

What is Runeterra? It is a digital card game based on the world popular and free to play MOBA game made by Riot Games - League of Legends. It was announced in 2019 alongside many other projects based in the League of Legends universe, including a fighting game, among others.

The digital card game is built like many other online card games – unlock cards by playing to build decks to battle in PVP as well as PVE to gain rankings and achieve the highest levels of online play.

One major difference that the developers of Runeterra have touted against its competitors (MTG, Hearthstone) is constant card releases and updates to continually mess with the ever changing and ever evolving “metagame.” No one and no deck are safe in the world of Runeterra. You must constantly evolve and update with the ebbs and flows of the metagame – can you reach the top?

Here is the link to register for open beta, which starts tomorrow!

If you are looking for more information on Legends of Runeterra, here is a link to their very detailed FAQ.

If you’re looking for some official gameplay to check out in the next couple days to see if this is for you, be sure to take a look at Riot’s official Twitch channel, where they will be covering the early beta days very extensively! 

For the team here at Inked Gaming, many of us fell in love with the gaming culture through tabletop card gaming. Now, years later, sometimes it’s difficult to find enough time to head to the local game store consistently to play some matches. Digital card games scratch that itch of jamming card games from the comfort of our home (while it’s not the same as playing with amazing people and friends IRL, it’s a nice alternative)! We’re all so excited with the digital card game movement, and we hope that you’ll join us in giving Runeterra a try this weekend!


See you on ladder!


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