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Kraken’s flawless Warriors Triple Logoman is up for auction

In case you didn’t know, a Warriors Triple Logoman was hit during a ‘flawless’ break back in June. Now, normally we would just put this story in a newsletter or another quick sports card listicle. But, this HUGE hit really ‘hits’ home for us, since it was our very own Thomas Pool (aka Kraken) who scored the card from Backyard Breaks!

In addition to being the fearless leader of Inked Gaming and Kraken Cards, Thomas is also a passionate sports card collector who has been breaking for years. Finally, after countless breaks and a lot of patience, he was able to make one of the biggest hits yet!

Like many Logoman cards, the Warriors Triple Logoman was (and still is) a true treasure for collectors on every level. This particular Logoman was given a PSA 10 grade, which means it is in Gem Mint condition. If you haven’t read any of our previous sports card blogs, Gem Mint (or GEM-MT 10) is the highest rating that PSA gives to sports cards. That means this Warriors Triple Logoman is more than mint, it’s absolutely flawless! 

Warriors Triple Logoman

Like LeBron James’ infamous Logoman, this one features three patches taken from the jerseys worn by Golden State Warriors stars Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. Even though he’s a die-hard Blazers fan, Thomas still has mad respect for the Warriors and the players who have made the team what it is. Thomas even got to see Klay and Dray play back in their college days whenever USC and WSU played Oregon State, his alma mater.

Given its condition and rarity, the Warriors Triple Logoman is a highly sought-after card that most collectors only dream about hitting during breaks. It’s quite a thrilling experience for the streamers actually opening the packs as well. Trizz and Corey Mouallem (of Backyard Breaks) had a priceless reaction during their stream. In fact, they were so psyched about the card and the winner who hit it, that they even flew Thomas out to their HQ in Florida to claim it in person.

Upon seeing the card up close for the first time, Thomas mentioned that he was tempted to keep this card, and we don’t blame him for at least considering it. However, we do agree that having possession of a card like this is life-changing and can really bring in some serious bucks. 

At this very moment, Thomas’ flawless Warriors Triple Logoman is sitting on the virtual auction block, via Goldin Auctions, where the bid is up to $290,000. The auction will remain active until Saturday (August 6th), with the gavel coming down at 7 pm PST. So, if you have about $300,000 to spend on an NBA treasure like this, Goldin Auctions should be your first stop.

With all of that in mind, we would just like to say how excited we are for Thomas and wish him the best of luck, both with the sale of this card and in future breaks. We know that a flawless Logoman is a commodity that collectors/breakers spend years chasing down, and there are some who might never get the opportunity to snag one of their own. And if they do, the odds don’t favor them hitting another. But, if there’s one thing that Thomas has proved with this break and the ones prior, it’s that patience pays off and lightning can certainly strike…twice. 

Happy Breaking!


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