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Konami's Charitable Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Giveaway

I stumbled upon this story earlier this week and thought it was blog-worthy for our readers as well. We recently came out with another Yu-Gi-Oh! blog that detailed the special edition Ultimate Kaiba Set, which features a suitcase, (like one Kaiba carried in the show) packed with a host of cards that come straight from Kaiba’s original deck. Well, one thing I didn’t realize while writing that blog was the fact that Kaiba’s birthday was coming up on October 28th, which was just last week.

On that day, Konami wished Kaiba a Happy Birthday on their social media and announced a cool card giveaway that gives back to an organization that needs help now more than ever. In what follows, I’ll lay out the details of Konami’s card giveaway, including the card itself, and how they plan to reach their goal.

Signed Kaiba Card

The image above is an example of what participants can expect when they enter the giveaway. A signed platinum Blue-Eyes White Dragon card signed by Eric Stuart, the voice actor behind Seto Kaiba. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think this would be an awesome piece to have in a collection, and the fact that it led to the support of a life-saving organization makes it even more special. Let’s talk a little bit more about that.

Konami is currently in partnership with the CDC (Center for Disease Control) on this venture, hoping to raise money for their COVID-19 relief fund. I usually write these blogs with the hope of taking my/your mind off the unfortunate circumstances surrounding our world right now, especially COVID. However, I thought I would make an exception with this one since it poses a more positive outcome for all who read it and possibly choose to participate.

All those who would like a shot at scoring this signed platinum Blue-Eyes White Dragon can do so by donating a minimum of $20 (USD) via the Tiltify page that’s dedicated to the giveaway. Since October 28th was Kaiba’s official birthday, Konami decided to go live with the giveaway last Thursday and is leaving it open until November 24, 2021, at 4:59 PM PST.

This means you still have a few weeks to enter the giveaway and have a chance of winning a special card while helping a good cause at the same time...and it only takes $20. Here’s a link to Seto Kaiba Birthday Charity Sweepstakes ​page on Tiltify. There, you can donate and be automatically entered into the giveaway. 

You’ll see that Konami’s goal for this effort is $10,000, and as I’m writing this, they’ve managed to raise nearly $8,000. The drawings will take place around December 10, 2021, at which time one winner will be chosen. Konami has also announced that there are 6 runner prizes available as well.

You can learn more about the rules and how the giveaway works by visiting Konami’s official site/page HERE. Be sure to let me know if you’ve entered the giveaway yourself or if you plan to in the comments below. And if you win, PLEASE come back and tell us all about it!

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