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Introducing High Quality T-Shirts!


We're always trying to release new and fun products here at Inked. As of today, we will be rolling out our first line of t-shirts. They will retail at a price 34.99 - We feel that quality, added comfort, increased area for designs, sublimated instead of screen printed, as well as hand crafted in the US are all reasons why buying gaming gear with Inked is always a great choice (supporting your favorite artists is also an amazing perk)!


-Our shirts are created with 100% mid-weight Polyester. Suuuper soft!

-Our shirts are sublimated on both sides to showcase the beautiful art and color throughout.

-Made in the USA, t-shirts take approximately 1-2 weeks for production. They are hand sewn and quality checked with care so that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase (We’re not Amazon Prime ™).

-Have an idea for a t-shirt or a piece of art from our site that you feel like would look dope? Let us know!

-Our shirts are sublimated so the image will never fade! Well, unless you pour bleach on it or something, but that’s your fault.

-Remember, all artists receive 10% of each sale on Inked. When you buy with Inked, you are helping an artist get one step closer to achieving their dream. Or, you’re supporting an already thriving artist and allowing them to do what they love!

-Branded as, “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Cotton” Polyester. We actually still can’t believe it’s not cotton.

-With a reinforced hem and Zero Void ™ technology, the shirt stays extremely durable while also sublimating the ENTIRE shirt. We don’t want small white spots on the shirts, and neither do you.


Go forth, and check out our already huge selection shirts! We'll be adding more t-shirt art periodically throughout the year. If you're an artist and would like to receive a commission for YOUR artwork sold on a shirt, feel free to head over to the artist application form and get to selling! 

 Pictured: Inked Diversity, Taco Bolas, and Wrapped

The Inked Gaming Team


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