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 Inked Gaming: Total Rebrand


In the past, we’ve evolved from Inked Playmats to Inked Gaming, from starting in a garage to a full team of dedicated specialists. Now it’s time for the next step in our evolution. Over the past few months we have accepted the mission of rebranding Inked Gaming. We value high quality products and awesome artwork and felt that our brand needed a look to match. Without further ado, say hello to the new face of Inked Gaming.

The Story Of Kai

This is our new mascot, Kai. Our brand will be represented by an octopus to highlight our unique color management and printing process; our ”ink.” The d20 levitating above Kai highlights our love for the tabletop gaming community and calls to how we got our start in the industry. The gradient of colors showcase elements of Inked Gaming that make us, us. Each color represents one of these key elements. 


Rebrand Launch: The Inked Gaming Colors


Seaweed is our main color. This green will highlight our products and custom options. Coral represents Team Inked. This orange calls back to our roots at Oregon State University and our home base in Corvallis, OR. Next is Open Seas to highlight our Artist Program. This blue will help artists recognize and categorize information regarding the program. Urchin is used for the Affiliate Program. This purple will help affiliates notice details regarding the program. Our last color is Sunrise. This yellow represents our dedication to customer care and connecting with the gaming community.

Rebrand Launch: New Inked Gaming Logos

Keep an eye out for our new logos as we transition into our new look! So what’s next?

BIG NEWS ROUND 2: We’re upgrading our website. Our goal is to create a more accessible and faster site on desktop and mobile to help you make your game, your style.

What would you like to see in the new website? Comment below! 

Stay Awesome!

Team Inked

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