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Inked Gaming Influencer's Favorite Picks!

Inked Gaming presents:

Influencer's favorite picks! There is so much great art on our site that sometimes it can be overwhelming to process everything and at times amazing art get's lost in the shuffle! That is why we decided to reach out to some of our best and most trusted influencers to have them give their opinions on their favorite pieces and personal recommendations! 

Without further ado, Kenji AKA NumottheNummy, one of the best and most consistent Magic the Gathering streamers of all time. A MOCS champion, PT competitor, and one of the great limited format minds of Magic - Kenji has been a friend for Inked Gaming for years and we value his opinion very highly:


 Silent Night Playmat by Martin Kaye


Phases of Life Playmat by Epic Upgrades


Pond Lotus Playmat by Sabina Daldovo


 Storm Landscape by Jason Thomas


Check out Kenji on Twitter and Twitch


Next up, our Official Digital Card Game Team: Team Rankstar, has influencer's in many different card game communities including The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Eternal, Gwent, Hearthstone, Artifact, Magic the Gathering, Shadowverse and more! They were one of the pioneers of our affiliate program that we rolled out in 2018 and have done so much for Inked Gaming since partnering with them:



 Group Hug Life Mousepad by Epic Upgrades


Taco Bolas Playmat Bag by Cameron Anderson 


Jungle Life Extended Mousepad by Epic Upgrades


Git Gud Gaming Crate by Cameron Anderson


Jank Life Hoodie by Epic Upgrades


 You can find Team Rankstar on their Twitter where they are constantly promoting and community building with their many team members and passionate community figures!  


What can RedBaronMTG NOT do?! You'll find TJ one day streaming on Twitch, the next day maybe releasing an amazing podcast, and then on weekends casting a Magic the Gathering Grand Prix with viewership in the thousands. RedBaronMTG is one of our influencers with the widest range, as you'll see from his taste in our products:


Ach Hans Playmat by Cameron Anderson 

RedBaronMTG: "I love this as a fun way to introduce your creatures to the battlefield. Ach! Hans, run! It's the Goblin Guide! Fun in creature decks from the tournament to the kitchen table."


Plains Playmat by Joshua Calloway

RedBaronMTG: "I love landscapes in Magic and this playmat is gorgeous. I always love the idea of selecting your battlefield as a location much like lands we play can represent the terrain." 


Sunny Day Playmat by Old Hat Studios

RedBaronMTG: "Speaking of landscapes, This one would be my selection to take to an event when I'd see my favorite artists. Many will often bring a blank white playmat to have their favorite artists draw on, but I think giving them a simple starting landscape and letting each artist add to it with their imagination would be a fun twist on the situation!"


Press Start Playmat by Martin Kaye

 RedBaronMTG: "I love arcades almost as much as I love my friendly local game store. Having a playmat that keeps the gaming theme with a clean look is an awesome way to begin a game."


Check out RedBaronMTG on Twitter and Twitch where he's always promoting positivity, improvement, and oh yes, slinging red burn spells! 


 Last but certainly not least is one of our newer partner's - Swarm United! Swarm is an esports team and community with variety streamers that range from titles like Call of Duty to Fortnite, Overwatch, Smite, and CS:GO. Their range extends very far into their communities - providing an amazing place for gamers to hang as well as structure for the talented roster of streamers that they have on their team. Here are their picks! 


Bacon Cat by Samantha Moore 


Nightmare Maniac by William Patriss


Sharks by Colordrilos


You can find Swarm United on their Twitter account where they have portals to all sorts of their community hubs including Discord, Twitch, and more! 


 That's a wrap from our influencer's picks! Be sure to check out all of their content - and we hope that their suggestions gave you some awesome ideas! 

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