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Inked Gaming Artist Feature: Moxfield

Since 2013, Moxfield has had one goal: to make MTG deck-building & brewing fun and easy for all. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro with the scars to prove it, Moxfield has looked to be a valuable online tool for those who wish to build decks and play at their peak every time. Thanks to its easy-to-use online platform and passionate creators, that mission has been accomplished.

Just like Inked Gaming, Moxfield was created by spirited gamers, Harry Finocchiaro and John Tull, who hope to serve the gaming community with their vision. What began as a passion project is now a renowned resource that has proven to be a reliable go-to for gamers on every level. Moxfield officially launched online back in 2019 and has been gaining reliance and recognition ever since. With over 30 formats, various ways to view decks, custom tagging, collection tracking, and more, Moxfield gives users/players all the tools to successfully and easily build their best MTG decks.

In addition to all that, Moxfield is also one of our artists, and just like their online app, their designs have become quite popular among our followers. Since joining the Inked Gaming community, Moxfield has delivered two awesome designs. Both of those designs are currently featured on our playmats. These might not be official MTG playmats, but we consider them to be the closest thing to it when they come from such a notable source as Moxfield. 

See for yourself…

The Moxfield Logo

The Moxfield Logo

The Moxfield Dragon

The Moxfield Dragon

Not bad, huh? We were impressed too when we first received them, especially with the Dragon design. The details and colors used in both speak to their style and unique identity, which is important when trying to stand out in a crowded field. Our collection is packed with logos and dragons from artists, affiliates, and brands of every kind, all of which are trying to separate themselves from the rest of the pack through their work. And Moxfield has certainly done that we these brilliant, unmistakable designs!

If you wish to learn more about Moxfield or begin building/brewing your MTG deck, you can do so by visiting their official website. There, you will find everything you need to start crafting your deck, some helpful how-to guides, and other valuable info. With that said, if you love the playmat art above as much as we do, feel free to click the linked titles to their listings and add them to your cart. 

We thank Moxfield for choosing to become a part of the Inked Gaming community and for allowing us to print their work on our playmats.  Again, these mats are becoming increasingly popular each day, so if you want one, we encourage you to snag it while it’s still available!


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