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Hype! Memorial Day Sale is Almost Here!

Art by: Jessica Feinberg

As is tradition, this Memorial Day Weekend Inked will be running another awesome sale! We're going to be offering all of our custom gaming pads 20% off!

Additionally, ANY order on the site during Memorial Weekend will award you 250 extra Loyalty Counters points through our loyalty program! (One loyalty boost per customer)



  • That sweet gaming mouse pad you've been wanting to get printed. Yeah, you should do that now.

  • That playmat of your adorable cat, Mittens, that you want to show off to your friends at Friday Night Magic - yup, go for it.

  • That really nice photo that you and your significant other look REALLY good in? Now's the time to make it into a mouse pad that will last!



Our sale will run through Monday night at midnight Pacific time! We will have customer service rep's working throughout the weekend to help you out with image questions. They will also be enjoying the holidays with their friends and family so don't worry if we don't get back to you right away. If you're still working on your image with our team on Tuesday, we'll for sure honor the sale price then. So don't worry, relax, and enjoy the weekend!

Make sure that you take those amazing memories and add them to a vibrant, machine washable pad that you'll enjoy for years to come! 
Gaming Checklist by Carter Andrews

A friendly reminder that on these sale weekends there is a chance that your order will take a little longer than normal! We fulfill orders in the order that they were placed with the exception of Priority Mail shipments. We give them, you know, priority cause they are Priority Mail after all. Be sure to get your order in as soon as possible and we'll make sure that we get to it as fast as we can!

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend,

The Inked Gaming Team

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