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How to clean Inked Gaming playmats and mousepads

This is a question that comes our way quite a lot, so we thought it would be best to answer it in one of our How-to posts. Make no mistake, cleaning your mats and desk pads is a quick and easy process that anyone can do. We just want to make sure that the process is made extra clear, that way you’ll know exactly what to do and NOT do when the time comes to freshen up your mats.

Since the process of cleaning your mats is quick, simple, and straightforward, that’s exactly what this helpful guide is going to be. As gamers, we understand how important it is to keep your mats clean, especially after such frequent, heavy usage. Trust us, we’ve been through our fair share of spills and stains, especially on other people’s tabletops. 

Even if you manage to keep your mat clean from those accidents, it’s still best for you to give it an occasional wash just to keep it fresh and free from the grease that our fingers, hands, and arms produce. And if you’ve been competing in public places and in-person tournaments, we highly recommend cleaning your playmats soon after, just to keep germs and bacteria at bay.

Here are two ways for you to clean your mats and get the best results:


1. Hand Wash

Sometimes all your playmats and mousepads need is a good once-over with a non-abrasive sponge, soft cloth, or just your hands. If this is the case, be sure to use mild hand soap and lukewarm water. You don’t need a lot of soap or water, just enough to cover and spread over the entire surface. After you’re finished washing, just hang it and let it dry.

We realize that there will be times when a more significant washing will be needed, especially if messy stains and spills come into play that leave a mark. But, if you’re looking to just freshen it up a bit after a series of battles, a simple hand wash can do wonders.

2. Machine Wash

If your mat is in need of a more thorough cleaning, you can always toss it into the washing machine. Since they’re created using a special ink sublimation process, our playmats and mousepads are machine washable and the art will not fade or peel by the time the cycle is complete.

Speaking of the cycle, we recommend machine washing separately and using a delicate/gentle cycle with just a small amount of mild, non-abrasive soap for the best results. This process will ensure that your mat/pad is clean and remains vivid and vibrant. 

We have stories, both from team members and customers, of how everything from Coca-Cola to cranberry juice has been spilled on our playmats/mousepads during intense battles. Yep, we’ve all been there. That’s why we saw to it that all of our mats were machine washable since the beginning, and our customers still appreciate it to this day.

No matter which way you choose to clean/wash your mats, we strongly urge and remind you to keep them away from your dryer. Repeat: DO NOT put them in the dryer once you’ve finished washing them. Our mats have a rubber lining on the bottom and if they are placed in a dryer, even on low heat, you, the dryer, and the mat will have a very, very bad day. Instead, just hang it on a bar, curtain rod, or laundry line and let them air dry. That should do the trick.

Again, cleaning your playmat and/or mousepad is pretty simple and straightforward, but just be sure that whatever you use is gentle, mild, and non-abrasive. And NEVER reach for the bleach or the dryer. If you have any questions or concerns about how to go about cleaning your mats, be sure to leave them for us in the comments below. If you’ve already washed one of our playmats/mousepads, let us know how it came out and what method worked best.

Happy Gaming!


Team Inked


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