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How to choose between Stitched Edges and Non-Stitched edges for your mats!

When it comes to playmats and mousepads, we like offering options. More options mean more freedom and opportunity to make our mats look and feel the way you want them to. One feature that we made sure to include for both our playmats and mousepads is the option to add stitched edges!

Stitched edges are always a great option to have for any mat, which is why we often encourage our customers to add them on if they wish. But, just like anything else, there are certain pros and cons that come into play that we thought we should highlight. So, if you've had your eye on a new playmat or mousepad, but are not sure whether to add some stitched edging to it, perhaps this can help you settle on a decision.

We’ll start with non-stitched pads/playmats and go from there!

Non-stitched edges

There are a number of gamers out there who would rather not have stitched edges around their mousepads or playmats. Some of the benefits of having a non-stitched edge playmat or mousepad include:


Sleek design:

Non-stitched edge playmats and mousepads feature a clean and seamless design. Without the presence of stitching lines or raised edges, they offer more of a minimalist look that allows the focus to remain on the artwork or design of the mat itself.

Hell Night Playmat

Smoother TCG surface:

There are some who prefer unstitched because it’s easier to slide cards off the mat or to the edges. Anyone who has ever gotten the card caught on the lip of a stitched edge knows what we mean, and how it can affect your cards and overall gameplay.



We offer stitched edging as more of an upgrade for your mat, so it’s no secret that a non-stitched mat will cost you less. If you need a new mat, but are trying to stick within a budget, stick with the non-stitched edges.


Winter Herps Mousepad

These are the most common points that we find in reviews from gamers in our community. Again, having unstitched edges on your mats has pros and cons, but overall, it comes down to preference and personal experience. 

If fraying, durability, and longevity have not been a problem for your mats in the past, then non-stitched edges may be all you need. However, if you’re looking to step things up in all of those areas, stitched edges are definitely worth looking into.


Stitched edges

Let’s be honest, stitched edges have always been considered a valuable addition to any kind of mat. Whether it’s one of our TCG playmats or an XXL mousepad, stitched edges have their fair share of benefits, especially when it comes to durability and longevity. Actually, that’s one of the main points that our customers highlight in their reviews.

Here are some of the pros that we hear most often!

Increased Durability:

Stitched edges provide additional reinforcement, making playmats and mousepads more resistant to fraying or unraveling. This durability ensures a longer lifespan, even after frequent, heavy usage.

Fear Skies Playmat

Improved Stability: 

We hear this one a lot and can certainly relate. Stitched edges can prevent the edges from curling or warping over time. This helps to maintain a flat and even surface, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Extra Comfort: 

This point pops up here and there as well. The stitched edges on playmats and mousepads provide a more comfortable resting place for your wrists. The raised edges act as a cushion, reducing the strain on your wrists and providing a more ergonomic setup, particularly during long gaming sessions.

Don't Close Your Eyes

Again, stitched edges are an optional upgrade here at Inked Gaming and one that we encourage all of our customers to consider if fraying and durability have been a problem in the past with other mats based on your play style. By the way, we also recently welcomed back our stitched XL Extended 36” × 18” mousepads to our site after a brief hiatus. So, while you’re here, you should check those out before you bounce.

Lever Action Mousepad
All in all, the decision to choose playmats or mousepads with stitched edges ultimately depends on personal preferences and priorities. The enhanced durability, improved aesthetics, stability, and comfort they provide are enticing benefits, but they do come with a slightly higher cost and potential minor drawbacks. 

In the end, it’s best to consider your play style, budget, and preferences when deciding whether the pros of stitched edges outweigh the cons for you. Ultimately, both options can be a benefit to your game, especially if they come from our collection, and choosing what feels right for you will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience!

Happy gaming!

Team Inked


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